Classic Beauty And Immense Talent Help Arielle Brachfeld Stand Out

Classic Beauty And Immense Talent Help Arielle Brachfeld Stand Out


Classic Beauty And Immense Talent Help Arielle Brachfeld Stand Out The best actresses working in the industry today are more than just a pretty face. Sure, their beauty might get them noticed, but it’s their talent and dedication that help them stand out. Here at the BB Basement, we recently had the chance to work with a lady who is equal parts beauty and talent, and we think she deserves a closer look. We’re talking about Arielle Brachfeld, and she’s quickly becoming a well-known face – especially among those who love horror and sci-fi films.

Arielle’s appreciation of the fine arts started early, and she grew up in a family that embraced them wholeheartedly. She was also constantly encouraged to pursue all of her interests, which led her to participate in the Colorado theater and film industries during the early days of her career.

Later, when she moved to Los Angeles, Arielle was able to begin finding work fairly quickly including taking on jobs in a variety of different projects such as TV shows like “1000 Ways to Die” and “Call 911″. For genre lovers, her big breakout role was the fan-made “Return of the Ghostbusters”, which developed a cult following on YouTube and the rest of the internet due to its high quality of production and acting. Over the following years, Arielle has been seen in a huge number of short films, features, and TV shows ranging from “Wedding Band” to “Blue Dream” to “Chemical Peel”.

Along with her acting, Arielle is involved in numerous charities including those fighting against breast cancer and illiteracy. Her work in these organizations has helped raise considerable sums to stamp out the issues they are facing.

Blanc/Biehn Productions has been noticing her work for some time, and we were lucky enough to cast her in the lead role of the upcoming “Good Family Times”, costarring Jennifer Blanc and Matt Lasky. In it, Arielle plays Beatrice, a talented artist with a loving family. However, after she suddenly comes into a large sum of money, Beatrice and her family are assaulted by another family that will do anything to take the cash from her.

The film helps showcase Arielle’s range and her talent, and is a pulse-pounding thriller that is directed by Staci Layne Wilson. It’s in post-production now and is expected to release in 2016. We can’t wait to bring the project to audiences and to let them see just how talented everyone involved is – including Arielle.


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