Julie Benz Has Become A Genre Favorite

Julie Benz Has Become A Genre Favorite


Julie Benz Has Become A Genre Favorite Sometimes there are certain talented actors and actresses who become synonymous with certain genres. Here at the BB Basement, we’re proud to have had the opportunity to have worked with many of the sci-fi and horror world’s favorite talents. Julie Benz is a perfect example of this, and while she has had roles in numerous TV shows and films outside the horror and sci-fi genres, it is hard to deny the fact that she has become a favorite of fans of these types of films.

Julie has always been a performer, starting ice skating at the age of just three and continuing on until she was a teenager. She began to dabble in acting thereafter, and was even told at the age of 15 that she would never be a successful actress by an acting coach. Over the years, she’s proven that statement wrong in countless ways.

While she landed small parts in shows like Married…with Children and Boy Meets World as well as films like Two Evil Eyes and Black Sheep, it was in 1996 that she landed the role that helped kick her career into high gear. While she auditioned for the role of Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she eventually was offered the part of Darla. The role was initially small, but was expanded due to her performance and the fact that the character was well received.

After Buffy, Julie took a variety of different roles in projects ranging from TV to major films to video games. But it was her role as Rita Bennett in the smash hit Showtime show Dexter that she’s most known for, and that helped genre fans fall in love with her. This was followed by roles in projects like Saw V and the sequel to the cult classic The Boondock Saints, which helped solidify her as a major name in the horror, sci-fi, and cult genres.

Our very own Jennifer Blanc had the chance to work with Julie on the upcoming film Havenhurst, along with other genre favorites like Danielle Harris and Douglas Tait. The film focuses on a young woman who moves into an apartment building that hides a terrifying evil she is forced to confront.

We’re happy to have had the chance to witness Julie’s talents for ourselves, and can’t wait to see the results on the screen when Havenhurst releases later in 2015 – not to mention the next projects that Julie has in the pipeline.


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