Matt Lasky Is A Star Who Continues To Evolve

Matt Lasky Is A Star Who Continues To Evolve


Matt Lasky Is A Star Who Continues To Evolve Here at the BB Basement, we’re always excited to work on new projects and to bring them to the screen. But being able to work with various talents in the industry is something that excites and inspires us as well, and recently we had the chance to interact with a rising star in the film industry – Matt Lasky.

Born in Waco, Texas, Matt actually grew up in Oklahoma City. He was the very definition of a troubled youth, serving a sentence in state prison and was involved in a high speed chase that ended with one of his friends being shot. It was this incident that helped matt decide to break out of that kind of life and start focusing his efforts on other things. The acting bug bit him and by 17 he took a role in a stage production of the Shakespeare classic “As You Like It”.

At 23, Matt moved to Hollywood with a singular goal – making it as an actor. Thanks to his dedication and a unique rugged look bolstered by his 6′ 5″ frame, Matt gradually managed to find small roles on stage before moving into TV and film roles in projects including:

• Relentless
• A Thin Lane
• Audition
• Jonah Hex
• No Ordinary Family
• John Carter
• How I Met Your Mother
• The Mentalist
• The Equalizer

He also landed roles in video games, doing voice work in games like Red Dead Redemption, Saints Row: The Third, Dynasty Warriors 7, and WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2011. However, it’s his role as Woden in the hit TV show “Grimm” that has really helped his star power increase and help get additional attention from the industry and from fans.

Here at the BB Basement, our very own Jennifer Blanc had the opportunity to work with Matt along with other genre faves like Julie Benz and Danielle Harris in the upcoming horror film “Havenhurst”. It’s a classic haunted house style film that centers on a woman moving into an apartment building harboring a dark evil.

Getting to work with Matt showed us just why he’s getting more and more attention within the industry, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to work with him in the future on another project. Havenhurst releases later in 2015, and will help showcase his talents to a whole new group of moviegoers.


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