Ridley Scott And The Martian

Ridley Scott And The Martian


Ridley Scott And The MartianWe at The BB Basement are incredibly excited by one new film slated to come out later this year based on a novel by Andy Weir, and we’re talking about the much anticipated Ridley Scott production of The Martian. With the assistance of Ridley Scott’s expertise, particularly when considering his films like Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, and Prometheus, there is no better person to be able to bring this incredible novel to the big screen, and we know that this is the man who will be able to do this story its justice!

Before getting into Ridley Scott and just how he is going to make this movie awesome, it’s probably best to get into the novel the film will be based on. Written by Andy Weir, who has become well known in many circles for some of his incredible writings on Tumblr, this is his very first novel only published in paperback form in October of last year. Before October, this was a digital format book that he self-published, with Crown Publishing only purchasing the rights to have it printed in 2014. To get a grasp of just how incredible this novel is, it continues to hold a 4.6 out of 5 star Amazon rating with over 9,000 reviewers, 73% of which gave the book 5 stars.

The story revolves around a botanist and mechanical engineer, Mark Watney, sent to Mars by NASA only to get stuck on the Red Planet, having to survive on alien terrain until a crew can be sent to perform a rescue mission. While not your typical horror tale, there is something distinctly terrifying in a cerebral way about being, quite literally, all alone and having to survive on a planet that is not your own.

In the hands of Ridley Scott, the director and producer best known for films like Alien, Prometheus, and Blade Runner, we have no doubt that this will be blockbuster which will have you on the very edge of your seat throughout the entire film. With Ridley Scott well known for his distinct visual style, as well as really placing emphasis on the atmosphere of his film settings, this is going to be a film experience where the audience will really feel like they’re there, right alongside Mark Watney, as he tries to survive over 33,000,000 miles away from home.


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  1. I just saw a trailer for The Martian on the YouTube channel on my Blu-Ray player the other night, and it looks like Ridley Scott has made another masterpiece. I can’t wait to see the full movie!

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