You May Have Already Seen Douglas Tait Without Realizing It

You May Have Already Seen Douglas Tait Without Realizing It


You May Have Already Seen Douglas Tait Without Realizing ItSometimes, an actor immediately stands out and becomes a household name thanks to a single performance. Others, however, become faces that are recognizable instantly without ever getting the name recognition that they deserve – they elicit the ‘oh look, it’s that guy!’ response when you see them in a flick. Douglas Tait is one of the latter, although here at the BB Basement we can’t help but feel as though he’s gradually going to become more well-known.

Douglas was born in 1974 and grew up in Tarzana, California. He first landed work in TV commercials as a teenage basketball player. However, Tait started his career properly by taking a job performing as Frankenstein in the live shows at nearby Universal Studios Hollywood.

That early role as a ‘creature’ was prophetic, and the years following saw him take on roles that frequently required heavy makeup. It’s in these roles that audiences have likely seen Tait on screen without even realizing it was him. Those films include well-known favorites such as:

• Jason in the final scene of “Freddy Versus Jason”
• Abominog in “The Knights of Badassdom”
• A Frost Giant in “Thor”
• A Zorgon in “Zathura”
• An Alien in the “Star Trek” reboot

Along with these creature roles, Douglas also began working as a stuntman in various film projects. His most notable stunt work came in 2008 when he worked in the stunt ensemble for “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. That group – and Tait along with it – were nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for their work in the film.

Additionally, Tait has also served as an executive producer and a producer for a variety of films that have been well received including the award winning “In The Name of Freedom”, showcasing his skills in front of as well as behind the camera.

Our opportunity to work with Douglas came when we worked with him on the film Havenhurst. Jennifer Blanc plays a role in the film, as does Tait, and it allowed her the chance to work with an up and coming actor who is getting more and more exposure thanks to his skills. Havenhurst releases later in 2015, and is sure to be another showcase not only for Tait, but for all those involved in the project.


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