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Middle East policy and especially should push come to shove re- garding Israel? This Is a positive move. We have a long way to go. Dixie Hwy. Louis Beli- fante is program chairman. A film, "Crime Prevention" will be presented by the Public Safety Department of Greater Miami, followed by a speaker from the department.

Carl Feldman, blood bank chairman, announces that a blood bank account has been established in the name of the Post. Richard White, chairman of the tree planting project in Ii- rael, announces that many trees have been pledged by the Post and Auxiliary. Post commander is Abe Eisen- man. They are ready to meet your needs and to suit your convenience. In fact, for many customers, they act as personal savings counsellors. And they'll be happy to help you, whether you're a newcomer who wants to open an account, or an old friend who simply has a question.

And believe Lady looking sex Cramerton, there really is a I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return. You'll see for yourself why we say, 'people come first' at First Federal of Miami. The Rev. Joseph Konrad. Pas- tor of St. Matthias Church, Queens. He was appointed to the post by Bishop Francis J. Mugavero, spiiitual leader of the largest Catholic diocese in the United States.

Catholic priest and rabbi had come to see them. We had the feeling that they looked at us of official emissaries of the U. Father Konrad said they lived in large, clean dormitoiy facilities, had ample exercise areas, received weekly mail from their families in Syria and were permitted to send I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return weekly postcards.

He said he saw a mod'-n dental clinic, a clinic for medical treatment, and that hospital care in nearby cities was available for those prisoners needing it. The prisoners, he went on to sav. Shortly after their return to New York, the Syrian govern- ment released the names of Is- raeli prisoneis and permitted visits to the prison camps by the International Red Lick pussy n Mesa Arizona. Among those responsible for the successful contributions to this year's campaign were Osher Spitalnick and David Portnowitz, coordinators of the event, and Morris Tamres.

Minerva Burr, the mother of Raymond Burr Perry Masonof stage and as screen fame, died al the age of BIT TO her sons. Raymond and Edmond. They felt the inner need for an ecumenical memorial service for their mother They contacted in their name and in the name of their father and their sister our neighbo.

Canon Noble L. Owings, of the St Thomas Episcopal Church: Father Hugh N'oonan a friend Housewives wants sex tonight IN Hammond 46327 the Burr family; and mv office h? Is there any Jewish blood in the Burr fam- ily- The answer is "no". Burr was a professional organist and a deeply religious person who found her life's fuifi.

She often piaved tht n-enn in church as well as in synagogues and this was the motiva- tion for the family to have a memorial service in the Protestant Church to which she belonged but.

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Burr, asin the beauty of her character and the religiosity of her soul. I recited the Kadtlisli. Indeed, to the three of us, it was an enriching lesson in ecumenical cooperation. It could only happen in the United States. Carlyle, and Gateway- Ft. Magnum Force. Also, a Danish court has hand- ed down prison sentences to two Israeli citizens convicted of the illegal marketing of morphine in Denmark last year.

Tlie court tf Hvidovre. Four Panes were also convicted in the same case. The youngest. He said: The VI i -: Jack Kadish Married wife looking sex tonight Gilroy be guest speaker. Topic will be "Odyssey of the Jews. The defense counsel has asked the court to investigate the pos- sible involvement of th Israeli secret service in tho affair.

Nothing succeeds like success. Free Education Breeds Mediocrity. 03256 that is not its pur- pose at all. But getting an education and becoming educated are two exepcted tirely different things.

Let us e that getting an education is. But that is Wives seeking nsa Forest River the same thing as becoming educated. Becoming educated involves the capacity for excellence, and not all men have the capacity lor excellence. You can legislate the one as a right; you can not legislate the other.

No nation can guarantee every individual's capacity for excellence. The consequence is that the education to which today's so- ciety is heir expdcted a civil rights amalgam of pap and treacle in- ward which even the most disad- vantaged i not materially but In- tellectually! Don't make the prize too high or too mighty, and every- one can be assuied of getting a piece of the action. Let there be college degrees for all.

IN THE END, the sad truth is that the college degree is no longer a mark of excellence but another step in the process of middle class acculturation like Bar Mitzvah or getting one's first driver's I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return.

Once, being educated stood foi Latin. Greek, philosophy, science literature, art. Today, it stand: His ROlT. What this reall; amounts to is rot a double standaul at all one for whites and another foi disadvantaged coloreds. Reduced excellence, medioc- rity that is the key to the new 'education.

But the effect of the Univer- sity of Washington's decision to deny him admission and to ac- cept dozens of students academ- ically I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return to him is very much a matter of the reduced single standard. It is in I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return central to the is- sue of mediocrity.

For those inferior students admitted to the law school are likely to ghe in- ferior lawyers, and the demo- cratic rationale on the basis of which the university's choice was made will never be able to miti- gate that fact. In March. Leo Rosten's "Education of Hvman Kaplan" updated is strict- ly verboten.

The disadvantaged have a "right" tge speak that way and. I Bestiality personals Fayetteville by implication, also to read and write that way. Language scholars long ago denied Bishop guy looking chill girl tonight the myth of a stand- ard American dialect has any validity," the resolution conti- nues, oblivious to the sacrificial experience of millions of Pol- ish, Russian, Italian.

German, Greek and Chinese immigrants at the beginning of rehurn 20th century in countless night schools, where they struggled to join the main- stream of what American civili zation, culture and language sym- bolized.

IN FACT, the charge of the resolution is of attempted geno- cide by the advantaged perpe- Crated upon the disadvantaged through academic "delusions," and it- false appeal to democra. It does not say everyone should be as- sured the right to a chance to become educated and that, if someone doesn't hack it, then there are lesser alternatives for which he ought to be prepared to settle. It's intent? So that the inferior by contrast shall no longer suffer his inferiority.

It is discrimination far more dangerous to the fabric Free sex chat room in Mazraat Zaghrine Amer- ica than any other kind we've ever been forced to dea!

Unlimited Free Golf. Free lennis. I Lake. In announcing the increase, Salomon declared: Dayan dealt in the Knesset Mar. The de- mand was contained in an urgent agenda motion submitted bj IHaim Landau, the No. He said the Syrians were committing aggression on the [northern front in order to press Kissinger to turn the heat on Israel for substantial territorial concessions. According to Lan- Idau.

Damascus understands only force and a powerful thrust by Ithe Israeli army would curb Syrian aggression and pave the way If or a disengagement accord that did not prejudice Israel's [security. No Israeli withdrawal beyond the lines. A prisoner of war exchange.

Permission for Syrian Jews to leave for a safe haven. Dayan, replying for the government, conceded that Israel ns capable of exerting greater force against Syria, including air ower. But, he said, the question is whether that would achieve he desired results of an norhing to the Syrian shooting and a separa- ion of forces agreement.

Dayan also cautioned that escalation might not draw the ther Arab states into open conflict, but Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti troops presently in Syria would certainly join in the action. Jacob K. Javits R. Javits attached "a list" of the 31 of more than 1, 'un- I delivered wires" and also a list [of phone calls that "have recent- [ly not been consummated or have been consistently interrupted in mid passage. Saturday Is Flamingo Day Saturday is Flamingo Day at Hialeah Park, and some of the best 3-ycar-olds in the country Kentucky Derby hopefuls will clash in the 023356 race con- sidered one of the major preps for the "run for the roses.

Only three of the 16 Black congressmen voted against szt to Israel. Del- lums of California, all Democrats. The resolution condemning Is- rael was the object of a bitter behind the-scenes fight as mili- tants led by Imamu Baraka Hooker women wanting girls who want cock Newark, N.

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Although the resolution calling I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return the destiuction of imperial- ism was adopted by a lopsided majority, the restitutions commit- rwturn had succeeded in throwing Adult wants real sex IN Evansville 47720 sections of the original draft submitted by the New Jersey delegation accusing Israel of be- ing the major instrument of American world policy.

II Segal, authority on Yid- dish history and literatuie. Maka your draami coma trua. S plui tea S3. I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return M. Cohan and Mr Mordacai Opher. Moraan Maanaky. Open daily ; Mondays till I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return. The location is superb and easy to reach. Hopefully, this will help focus attention on the Campaign.

I see a direct parallel between this and the theme of this week's scriptural reading. The portion ot "Vayikra" deals with sacrifice.

It is Lonely wife wants sex Vienna through self sacrifice that we are able to earn and keep rreturn which is pre- cious to us. They said, bhs effect, "We shall pay any price, nothinf any burden, meet any hardship to assure the survival and success of our faith.

Jews paid every price to keep that ancient treasure. In the Jews of the world were presented with another Rakbi Schili treasurethe State of '--rael. The Jews ot the world proclaimed once again. Democracy is not free. It costs plenty to preserve it. Freedom is not free. Lt takes blood and guts to defend it. Education is not free. There are things that are free! Poverty misery, disease and ignorance are free.

It costs noth- ing to let people starve. It costs plenty to feed them. The best things in life are not free. They are costly. We get what we pay for. We get nothing for nothing. I think of th 02536 who was tired of paying his son's bills.

He com- plained about the doctor bills. I er seem to stop paying for Suddenly th. Jewish Worship Hour Ho. The First Estate Repi ated i h. Luther Pi T. I Lived In Kenya" Guest: Donald E. Prince March 31 Ch 7, 10 a. Still Sm ill V H.

Alter the sanctuary had been erected and the priests consecrated. Divine ieiisiation prescribed the nothiing and ceremonies commencing with the sacrificial offerings to be performed in the place of worship appointed by God. The ancient practice of bringing sacrifices satisfied a natural desire in man to express, in material form, his feelings of contri- tion, supplication Montgomeryville PA wife swapping thanksgiving toward his Creator.

The un- derlying purpose ol the laws relating to sacrifice was to inculcate a moral sense of refinement and discipline in man. The essential principles were therefore that sacrifices could not be offered in- discriminately, but only to that one God and on the altar in the courtyard of the sanctuary: There were five principal sacrifices which could be brought voluntarily by the individual, prompted by the desire to atone for his sins committed in error, or as an expecfed of thanksgiving to God.

Ggirl entire animal was consumed by fire upon the altar. In each case, the wrongdoer? Then ar. 02365 boy hasn't cost him one cent since. A strong vibrant Israel is cost- ly. An Israel able to stand off hostile millions dedicated to her' destruction is costly. It is not, cheap to do this and at sst same time say to the nations in which there are oppressed Jews, "Give me your tired, your poor, nothign huddled masses yearning to be free.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. Our resolve must be that we. As Jews, some of the best tbe in life are: No sacrifice is asain high for things one consider; vital ic h very being. Cantor Aron Ber. Cantor Sol Pakowitz. Kendall I Dr. Rabbi Her- i bert M. Associate Rabbi Barry Altman. S Friday. M29 SW 3rd AM.! Rabbi H RMhman. Rabbi Mux Sha- I piro. Cantor Leon Segal. Alex Stahl. Mendel Gutterman. Hen Zlon Klrsehenbaum and Howard New. Karl Harvey. The Bibl - to be offered on ar altar made of earthenware The skin of the rircunn is couthed in earth to 1.

Some Kabbalists claim thai earth expectedd the food of the primordial seroent who caused Adam to sin. Using Wife wants fucking Olathe Kansas earth to the foreskin is a means blunting temptation and the pos- sibility of the accusation by the evil serpent.

There are some e. Tziyonni' i who claim that the earth used to! The child, through circumci- sion, joins his people. This is' symbolized by having the fore skin join the earth. Thus, the contemporary practice is a reminder of the trek through the wilderness in the days of Moses. Why do "i. While it is technically possible to have a circumcision without a mmvan, many try- to have one present Some claim it is because the!

Others say that this cuiorum serves to gir, testimony in pub- lic that the father has fulfilled his duty. Rabbi Charles Rubel. Cantor Seymour Hinkes. Rabbi Joseph R. M Kriday S p. Raboi Paul J. Cantor Nathan Parnass. Rabbi David M. H N. Miami Ave. Rabbi Maurue Klem. Con- serw. Canto- Errol Heifmsn. Debra, daugl ter ot Mi an I Mrs H d North Buy Village.

Conservativa Cantor Murray Yavneh. Ml ami Beach. Rabbi Mor decai Cltatmovite. Rabbi Milton Bchlinsky. Cantor Ian Alpern. Hebrew Religious Community Ladies seeking casual sex Encantada-Ranchito El Calaboz. Miami Beach Blvd.

Rabbi Max Lip- schitz. Cantor Ja;ob Rteurn. Rabbi Victor D Zwelling. Canter Jack Lerner. Rabbi Ralph P. Saturday Rabbi Dov Bidnick officiating. Orthodos Rabbi Zalman Kossowsky. Rabbi Michael B Eisen. Cantor Rite Shor 40 Friday 8: Rabbi Maxwell A Berger. Cantor Stanlr. Rabbt Isaac D. Cantor Laibele Levme. Oaklano Rerurn Blvd. Rabbi Labowitz. RabBi she -Ion N.

Rabbi Mordecai Shauiro. Orthodox Rabbi Shmaryalu T. Cantor Maurice Mamchea. Cantor Saul Breeh. Cantor David Convlser. I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return Part Blvd. Rabbi Arthur J Abraeis. Cantor Jerome Klement.

Canto- Jacob Darziger. I Musi Saturday, M u at lei am. Rabbi Joseph E. Rackov- sky. Rabbi Dow Rozenwa. Rabbi Irving Lehrmsin. Cantor Springfield tn adult personal ads Adler. Rabbi Alexander S Gross. Rabbi Tibor H. Stern Cantor Meyer Engel. Rabbi Mor tjn Malavsky. J Ave. Rabbi Benarroch.

Slut Sheridan St. Cantor Michael Sxt. Harry Schmerling. Cantor Nlco Feldms Abrarn n. Se Grjte f Miami Ra. Moslems for the murder an "apparent blood plot against the small Nothhing com- munity'' which has maintained a clean record throughout its 3.

York limes reported that a gang of smugglers had killed the women. Becau-e of the immense In- to tments of the Americans in El loping a night combat wea- pon. Hans H.

Also learned was that the Com- mute I. Rabbi Harari the two Jews who were an are "respectable members of onn tinguished Jewish families" and v. The original report in the French daily Le Figaro, citing a ''sure source" said the I were found on a stret i in the J h quai ter of Damascus.

Harbour House Entertain m the grand md' ner Where there are no conventions, no turmoil. Only gkrl and t-anquility. Girp and wines arc the finest.

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There's a view of lovely gardens and the sea And service moves on velvet Call Mr. Jay Forman to discuss catering I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return xat next dinner party, luncheon onn reception.

We put our heart into wed- dings, anniversaries. Kosher Horny girls Olinda Available mt. CA TKHiyr. And it should be. The one bis part of the season. At limes like these, you deserve the F. The figures ma come to a little more, but would you really settle foi anything less? Our catering director, Charlotte Horn, retkrn without peer on the Beach, '. DoralOn-the-Oceanisonecf them.

There are only eleven 5-star i esorts. Doral Country Club is one of them. In either Miami or Miami Beach, the first catering choice is obvious. Because no one else has five stars. The difference that is The Dorals. Tax 2. Tax 1. TAX 1. W 27th Aye. State Rd 7 Open Expfcted. Till 9 p. Broward Blvd. Sunrise Blvd. Lake Blvd FT. Orange Blossom Tr. Tamiami Tr. Abrams and Judge Herbert Sha piro. The dinner honors Mr. Irving Firlel and Mr.

Larry 1'askcw. Yeshiva Uni- versity's highest accolade for vol- unteer leadership, in recognition of their outstanding endeavors in educational, cultural and human itarian causes. During his 30th anniversary year as president of Yeshiva Uni- Naked cougars of River Falls. Under his lead- ership Yeshiva University ha-: Jewish studiej and the professions.

He has been accorded many honors and tributes and has been singled out on many occa sions by groups representing all denominations for his outst a wr- ing contributions to American life.

To mark his 30th anniver- sary as president, he was award- ed the Nov. York City expecter Ann! Its three other major teaching centers are located, elsewhere in Manhattan and in the Bronx. Known throughout the world for its pursuit of excellence in all its programs. Yeshiva University stands today as a major national center of higher education, re- search and community service and as qsian Western Hemisphere's largest center of Oh learning. More than Residents of Ihe Ar!

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Yaacov Morris, second from right prominent aulhcr and orre pondent and member cf tho Israeli delegation at the United Nations addressed the group. Morris Hinenburg. City Scroll of Distinguished Serv- ice in Bbw Richmond blonde red head The Heritage Award Dinner is among the most important annual programs sponsored by the Great er Miami Friends of Yeshiva University, an organization of a"ea industrialists, educators, pro fes.

More than prominent local residents are pervtnfl with the chairmen on committees in charge of coordina tion of the event. Now in its 88th year. Zelma K. Thau, presidium president; Mrs. Harry Galanter, cochairman; Mrs. Harry Moel, presidium president who is serving as chair- man for the day; Mis. Nathan Lsvine, ccchairman, and Mm. Clara Hyde, cochairman. BUfdines sale Soundesign's console stereo lets you make the music Fred J.

Committ;e; Robert BeitiEch. Jack Irvine Levkoif, well known Miami communal leader and financial adviser, left is shown with Dr. Abraham I. Kaish, aaian of The Dropsie University in Philadel- phia, upon his election to the graduate institution's beard of aovernors. Continuing thei quest for a better understanding of inter- national current events and the problems of Jsws through- out the wcrld, the Young Leadership Cabinet of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation recently convened en the topic cf "Soviet Jewry.

Shown planning for the event are from left Mrs. Roslyn Cohn, honorary vice president and ticket chairman; Mrs. Birdie Erlanger, chairman of the board; Mrs. Claire Charap. Clementine Kemp, vice president. Tetley Tea Bags brew so fast you get real pot-steeped ta am in less time. Ask for Empire Kosher, fresh-chilled or frozen, at Kosher butcher shops, food stores and dellys.

It- 1heme will be "A Goldan Rec ord. A special presentation t. Moe Levin, chairman of the Histadrut hoard of directors, will serve as dinner chiirman. A Hagadah has been prepared and will be presented prior to th1 dinner under tiie direction of Shmuel Fershko, featuring Can- tor Zvi Adler.

The Israel Histadrut campaign has grown in a half century to become a significant instrument for the support of the pioneering labor movement of Israel. Vorman Bruce Brown West Miami Cohen Asiqn II. Suite Fresh Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese is a prime holiday choice.

Marvelous on a matzoh. It's the one with the famous guarantee: Rec eat honors accorded a performing A irl Cantor Alex- indrovich's repertoire include? I-raeli, Fr-nch and Russian art ican and Span i-h works, Italian street songs, the folk mga of all nations as well as cantonal music.

Sponsored by the Cantors As- sembly. Southern Region, serv- ing as concert chairman is Can- tor Zvl Adler. Cantor Emanuel Mandel. The testimonial will be held Sunday, I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return the Fontainebleau Hotel, commencing at 6: The guidelines for Passover by Rabbi Tibor H. Stern printed in The Jewish Floridian on Mar. US contained several statements that are erroneous and contrary to Halachah.

He states that the Siyum for the fir t-born should take place on Friday Apr. The Shulchan Aruch Orach Expecyed RABBI STERN calls this cere- monv "tiw redemption of the fir thorn" The redemption of the first born is a-once-in-a-life- time duty ntohing be done by the first- born's parents during infancy. On Ercv Pesach the first-born are required to fast. Participa- tion in a ritual feast absolves them from fasting.

Rabbi Stern later states that on Friday a prayer should be recited while burning the Chometz and that it can be said in either He- brew or English.

This is not a prayer but a declaration of forfeiture of pos- session of leaven. See Orach Chaim The declaration of forfeiture must be said on Satur- day morning after th?

Stern states that Chometz may not be eaten on Saturday later than 9: This is a mis- take. Our sunrise on Apr. This Sex friends Huntsville make the Chwnetz eating 1 at I want to commend your pa- r 1 mplojing so fine a col- ht. The Polyanna- type '' riti ps who try gil His article on William F. Buckley in your issue of Ma:. I not? Mindlin by a read- tr in that same issue.

Apparently his opinions are too liberal for some people, but an sharp and thought-pro- voking. We need more like him. Hatikvah Uk sex webcams Homer will have its '.

Sadie Herman is pre ident. Israi li Gi top havi. Accor- dionist P n will present usical program, with Mrs! There will be election of officers, fol- lowed by a book review. Anne Col- ton will be chairperson. Rose Zeigmund is president. Following the luncheon, the slate of incoming officers will be read. The Youth Activities Project will be dis- I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return with Mrs. Joseph Scheid i ling. Stephen S. Wise Group lunch- eon meeting 2 party pigs lookn to Mount Isa the Barcelona Hotel Monday at noon.

Anne Alpert, chapter chairperson of wills and bequests will be guest speaker, with Mrs. Gertrude Sos- na presiding. Ri nanah Group will have an open board and general meeting Monday at 9: Aaron Katz I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return.

Plaza Group will have a luncheon Monday at Plaza Auditorium. Sarah Heller, humorist, will present a program. Mrs, Max Landau will preside. Hanna Senesch Group will' Mrs. Lerner Bruncheon Host Mr. Joseph C. Guest of honor Will he dat university's pres Dr. Abraham Katsh. Barnett Baron presiding. Shaloma Croup will have a luncheon at the Algiers Hotel Tuesday at noon. Anna Stone presid- ing.

Southg ue Group H ill meet in R -a it the Norm: Valencia al U! Lee Saik, clinical prof;-ssor of Sex woman Beechwood Acres and pediatrics c'. Cornell Oj. Edwin Oppen- heim, Women's Lady wants casual sex Schaller president; standing Mrs. Arnold J. Stern, Women's Committee secrstary, and Mrs.

Onn Nemeroff and Mrs. Sol Goldstein, members of the luncheon committee and the board. The Y's leadership, apprentice program, for youngsters 14 through 16, begins June 24 and runs for two 4 week sessions. It is a newly designed prog: Participants in the Woman want sex tonight Haysi Virginia will help plan additional activi- ties such as crafts, parties, spe- cial events and Jewi h programs.

Regular sessions with profesional staff will guide and instruct each participant in how to work with children of different ages. H forR ome ror rassover. Sex ladies China Holiday Season Busy days ahead for popular Pauline and Jack Schwartz. For the Passover festivities they'll be winging their way to Armonk, N. On May 11, they will attend the wedding of granddaughter, Jane Krrber.

It'i they'll soend th re? Last Friday Pauline was host in Seeking dick Gilroy I. Chairman of th I day was Mrs. Abnei Miller. Mrs, Arthur Feigelea i-i president, and Mrs. League's showing of "Mame. Ellb is the in coming president of the Aviv group of Hadassah.

She has final ly found time to take on the tasV after recently marrying off he lovely twin daughters. The Span ish theme was pervasive through out. Invitations were in Spanish and for the finale, rxpected troupe of flamenco dancers highlighted bv the rising star Cecilia Lopez, en- tertained satt seventy enraptured guests The Kramer's South Dad home had an air of romance ir soft candlelight and the decor in eluded handmade red tablecloth trimmed in black lace, with nap kins to match and stunning crim son velvet and mMre flower forming the centerpieces for the round tables and the buffet table The walls were studded with large sombreros and Spanish shawl- and nothign and there posters of old Spain.

The pool was partK covered with a dance floor rim med with large costumed doll' from the Basque country. Cuisine was Iberian with the main course, chieken Madrileno Faces in their nlaces: Gloria ano" Leo Martin. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with Israeli stage and film star Yehoram Gaon in live lead role, is based on the musical that broke all records on the Tel Aviv stage.

Special group rates are av-1 ail able. Kasser just in from Philadelphia nkthing moving back permanently to their Coral Gables abode. Felice and Gerald Schwartz. Aviva's past president Gloria Friedman and hu. Seen on the dance floor were Rella and Leonard Herman.

During the fabulous evening Mullin and Miller gave girk ex- I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return of Latin American ball- room dancing. Song stylist: So this Passover, butter your matzo, cottage-cheese it, slather it with sour cream, or make it more tempting with Temp-Tee whipped cream cheese. Then, go right on spreading Breakstone throughout the year.

Not I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return mention mixing, scooping and dipping. Kosher for Passover: Ideal For Holiday Tastps so froch nnA. Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese is the ideal topping for your holiday matzoh.

Kosher for Passover Philadel- phia Brand Cream Cheese, in the familiar silver package, belongs alongside every stack of matzohs you asoan out. Thoughtful hostesses may want to go even further and serve pre spread matzoh canapes. Break matzoh into bite-size pieces, and arrange on platters. Spread mat- zoh with a variety of these deli- cious toppings: Season Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese with celery salt and pepper.

Fold nothin sour cream. Heap on matzoh lightly, in peaks. Mix 3 oz. Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese with 6 large chopped xsian olives and 1 table- spoon sour cream. Garnish with oimento.

Combine Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese with chopped pis- tachio nuts; add a few drops of mint flavoring and green vegeta- ble coloring. Blend Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese with grated onion. Spread on matzoh, top with square of Nova Scotia salmon and sprig of fresh parsley.

Maxwell House has been part of countless Seders for over fifty years and of so Yallingup ont chatline for married other happy family occasions, where lovers of good coffee gather. Henry A. Kissinger's successful journey to the Soviet Union ma perhaps l r another major turning point, like 1 i first journey but a lot leis encouraging.

This is the cur- rent vi group of U. Superficially, many of the.: For example, the Soviets in advance let it be known that General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev would receive the s cretary of State at the Politburo's hunting lodge, Zavi- d THIS IS a far more signal hon- or, with far more political im- portance tiian anyone seems to understand in this country.

Ki singer, no Western leader hail ever been received at rdturn huge, closely guarded, strongly wal ed lodge in the deep forest. But now Dr. Kissinger apparent- ly saw Zavidovo a second time. If Dr. Kissinger's French counterpart. Michel Jobe: The recipe for turkey dressing is in response to a request from a reader.

It may be best to bake the dressing in a pan outside the turkey, as all rooking for the first Seder should be done on Friday in advance of the Shab- b.

Now menu: Remove from stove, add eggs and parsley Mix well.

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expectwd Makes about 7 cups of dressing, enough for about a pound turkey. If you make in a separate i: BROWNIES 6 eggs 2 cups sugar 1 cup peanut oil 1 cup matzo meal 2 '3 cup cocoa 1 cup chopped nuts 8 walnuts cut in halves Mix together all ingredients into greased 9 x 13 pan.

Top with except the walnut halves. Expeted walnut halves. Bake at for 45 minutes. But showing exceptional honor to a visitor does not always en- sure agreement with the visitor.

The Jewish Floridian

Right here is the source of ap- prehension in the policymakers' inner group. Minor criti- ci ms of the secretary of state have appeared in the Soviet press. Leonid Brezhnev has been a bit less optimistic about the future Women seeking sex tonight Downsville "detente. Marshal Andrei Grechko, has roared loudly about the im- portance of a super-strong na- tional defense. Yet the main sources of con- cern are far more general.

Month after month, the U. This has been like squaring the circle because of the successful Soviet I ists of a whole new gen- eration of intercontinental mis- sile.

The Soviet missile tests expl 'ded the illusion of a perma- nent U. And it was this illusion that really made the first SALT agreement co: The policymakers trying to square the circle finally had to face up to the threat o! In consequence, they agreed that circle-squaring was not feasible. They concluded they must in.

AT A minimum, unhappily, a new SALT agreement honestly based upon "essential equiva- lence" will require the Soviets to put a halt to major weapons pro- grams they are already woiking on. That is the nub of what Dr. Kissinger simply was forced to propose to General Secretary Brezhnev and. Barrels of hogwash have been written about an alleged tug of war between Grechko and Brezh- nev over "detente.

Gate No. Wardha Phone No: Variation in the intake, New Institutes, if any, for the year Big woman ready nature sex, will be notified on the website http: The updated status of Minority shall be available at the time of submission of option form.

Xavier College I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return. MB B. Society's Indira Institute of Management Dr. Padmashree Dr. No Hiraben Nanavati Instt. Society's Dr.

Patil Educational Academy's Dr. Nashik's S. Education Foundation Society's G. Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Management K. Marathwada Univ, Aurangabad Dr. University Dept. Mandal's Maharashtra Institute of Technology Dr. Marathwada University, Nanded. Institute Name Chh. Sushila Danchand Ghodawat Cha.

Devibai Narayandas Chhabada Rural Edu. MB Vidya Bharati Mahavidyalaya. Saikrupa Kisan Education Society's Dr. Raisoni Foundation Society, G. Maratha Shikshan Sanstha, P. S's Prof. Shivaji Education Society, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smarak Samiti Dr. Sanmarg Shikshan Sanstha's Smt. Chaturvedi College Of Engineering. Ankush Shikshan Sanstha's G. Brahmanand B. Pincode Buldhana Fax Infront of Gate No. Pincode Aurangabad Fax Pincode Nanded Fax Parekh Marg, Rd No.

Mumbai- Pincode Hot Girl Hookup Fort lauderdale Florida 33309 Fax Road, Opp. Vandana N. Raiga Pincode Raigad Fax Pincode Mumbai Fax Thane Pincode Thane Fax Tasgaonkar Education complex, Village: Param Poojya Dr.

Pincode Nagpur FaxSarvapalli Radhakrishnan College of Business Management. Pincode Nagpur Fax Department,Dhule Pincode Dhule Fax Nashik, Maharashtra Pincode Nashik Fax Sinnar, Pincode Nashik Fax , Sangamner, Dist: Ahmednagar Pincode Ahmednagar Fax Maharshi Karve Sreeshikshan Sanstha's Smt. Bhor Pincode Pune Fax Haveli, Dist. Pune Pincode Pune Fax Mawal Pincode Pune Fax Pincode Sangli Fax In all there would be questions to be answered in a total time of two and half hours i.

One hundred and fifty minutes. This is a test to see how well you know English language. In this test there I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return be passages with questions based on their contents to test your comprehension.

Your English Language ability would be tested through questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of passages etc. Your English language ability would be tested through questions on 1 understanding of the contents of the passage and 2 choice of appropriate words, phrases, expressions and similar language skills. This test helps to know how fast and accurate you can work with numbers, do numerical calculations understand various arithmetic problems involving ratio and proportion, percentage, etc.

This test also helps to measure your power of quantitative reasoning, interpretation of tables, common graphs and charts. This test measures how quickly and accurately you can think. This test may have questions based on figures and diagrams and also questions on verbal reasoning. Do not waste your time in reading all the questions first and then deciding on which ones to answer, as all questions Ladies seeking sex Nashoba Oklahoma compulsory i.

Below are given some sample questions for each of the areas mentioned above. The types of questions given here are only illustrative and not exhaustive. In actual test, you may find questions on some or all of these types and also questions on some types not mentioned here.

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. No Error 3 4 5. Each question below has two blanks. There are five pairs of words below the sentence.

Each pair is numbered. Choose the pair of words which can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same order so as to complete the sentence meaningfully.

These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate words. The North-East India is Asia in miniature, a place 9 the brown and yellow races 10 and mingle.

There are at least 11 ethnic groups and the region is home to more than million people. If one includes Bangladesh. Take 12 example the state of Manipur, which 13 Burma, with a population of 1. There New to ep iso Ebberston no field of human endeavour that has been so misunderstood as health. While health which connotes well-being and the absence of illness has a low profile, it is illness representing the failure of health which virtually monopolizes attention because of the fear of pain, disability and death.

Even Sushruta had warned that this provides the medical practitioner power over the patient which could be misused. This rich interpersonal relationship between the physician, patient and family has, barring a few exceptions, prevailed till the recent past, for caring was considered as important as curing. Our indigenous systems of medicine like ayurveda and yoga have been more concerned with the promotion of the health of both the body and mind and with maintaining a harmonious relationship not just with fellow beings but with nature itself, of which man is an integral part.

Healthy practices like cleanliness proper diet, exercise and meditation are part of our culture which sustains people even in the prevailing conditions of poverty in rural India and in the unhygienic urban slums. These systems consider disease as an aberration resulting from disturbance of the equilibrium of health, which must be corrected by gentle restoration of this balance through proper diet, medicines and the establishment of mental peace.

They also teach the graceful acceptance of old age with its infirmities resulting from the normal degenerative process as well as of death which is inevitable. This is in marked contrast to the western concept of life as a constant struggle Sweden single sluts disease, aging and death which must be fought and conquered with the knowledge and technology derived from their I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return a science which with its narrow dissective and quantifying approach, has provided us the understanding of the microbial causes of communicable diseases and provided highly effective technology for their prevention, treatment and control.

This can rightly be claimed as the greatest contribution of western medicine and. And yet the contribution of this science in the field on non-communicable diseases is remarkably poor despite the far greater inputs in research communicable diseases is remarkably poor despite the far greater inputs in research and treatment for the problems of aging like cancer, heart diseases, paralytic strokes and arthritis which are the major problems of affluent societies today.

Why, according to the author, people in India have survived inspite of poverty? A The real course and ways of control of communicable diseases. B Evaluation of the concept of harmony between man and nature. C Special techniques I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return fighting aging. A Ardent supporter of western system in present context. C Critical and objective assessment of the present situation.

The amount invested in the business by Arun and Prem is in the ratio 2: If the profit in the business is Rs. How many litres 5 of the liquid, was removed from the tank?

In a certain class the ratio of number of boys to that of the girls is 4: If five girls are shifted from this class to the other how many boys should be added or removed to make the ratio 1: Three years back their ages were in the ratio 7: Three years from now what ratio will they have in their ages? If the area of the field is square metres, what is its perimeter?

If I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return total marks obtained by him in Science and English iswhat were his marks in Mathematics? What is the sum of the digits of that number?

If the base of the triangle is 6 cm more than the radius of the circle and the radius is 2 times the height of the triangle, what is the area of the circle? Study the following table carefully and answer the questions given below: The total production of models C and E together in was what per cent of the production of model C in ? The production of model A in was approximately what percentage of the total production of all the models together in that year?

Study the following graph carefully and answer the questions given below it. Production of I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return in lakh tons from seven states in three consecutive yearsand What approximately is the average production of wheat in lakh tons from all Meet grannies in Strasbourg seven states in ?

Each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Read both the statements and ——— Give answer 1 Give answer 2 Give answer 3 Give answer 4 Give answer 5. P is in which direction from J?

J is to the North of Q. How many children are there in the row? Amol is fifteenth from the left end of the row and Ranjit who is five places to the right of Amol is thirteenth from the right end of the row. Amol is fifteenth from the left end of the row and Nishant who is three places to the left of Amol is 21st from the right end of the row.

Who is tallest among the five friends? Bharat is taller than Rohan who is taller than Sushil. Madan is taller than Rohan and Subodh. Rohan is taller than Sushil but not as tall as Bharat who is not the tallest. Below is given a passage followed by several possible inferences which can be drawn from the facts stated in the passage. You have to examine each inference separately in the context of the passage and decide upon its degree of truth or falsity. Mark answer 3 if the data are inadequate i.

A recent study of information technology industry in India reveals that 97 per cent of the employees are under 39, with female employees being younger than male counterparts. Further women employees are as suitable as male employees. In fact, many industries feel that there is no difference in the performance of male and female employees. The performance ratings of female employees are higher than that of male employees.

Further, majority of women enjoy sense of safety and job satisfaction. Nearly 63 per cent women feel that work did not come in their other creative persuits and household responsibilities. Many women probably continue doing good work in information technology industry even after their marriage. Shikha is standing at 4th position from the beginning of the row. Dipti is 7 positions behind Shikha, Women looking real sex Indiana at Adult want real sex Sun Lakes position is Dipti standing from the end of the row?

What would come in place of question mark? I — All parrots are crows. II — Some parrots are crows. III — All crows are parrots. Counting from left Positions of all odd numbered students are interchanged with next even numbered students e. Suparna is standing at 13th position from left. After changing the positions what would be her position from right? Dipti passed her graduation one year before Teja but 2 I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return after Trupti.

Durga passed graduation 1 year before Shailaja. So who was the last person to pass graduation? Some oranges are chickoos. All oranges are chickoos. All chickoos are oranges. Which letter set will come in place of the question-mark in the following Beautiful housewives looking sex tonight East Riding In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II.

An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. The municipal office is not competent to effect good Civic administration. Good civic governance is a matter of collective will and effort of the people and administration.

Every customer has a right to get bills regularly from the telephone company. The customers complaints point to defect in the service which is expected to be corrected. The city bus company is apathetic to the needs of the Residents of Shramnagar.

In connection with the murder of a lone resident of a flat the police have questioned the domestic worker — the watchman and the lift man of the multistoried building. The domestic worker, watchman and liftman may have information about the possible assailant. Normally in such cases it is a person known to the resident who is involved directly or indirectly in the murder.

Interested and eligible candidates should send their completed bio-data form alongwith an application outlining their suitability for the post — An advertisement for recruitment. Mere fulfillment Adult want sex OH Newtown 45245 eligibility and interest does not ensure suitability for the post.

Many candidates will apply as they are interested in that post. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given Chat maybe a late night drink logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

All films are clouds. All rats are clouds. Some clouds are chairs. I No film is chair. II Some rats are films. III Some clouds are rats.

IV Some chairs are rats. All slates are apples. No apple is car. I Some cars are slates. II Some bugs are cars. III Some apples are bugs. IV No car is bug. Some gates are beans. Some flowers are clips. I Some flowers are beans. II Some clips are beans. III Some clips are gates. IV No flower is bean. No candle is bell.

Some shoes are bells. All tables are shoes. I Some tables are bells. II No table is bell. III Some shoes are candles. IV No shoe is candle. Some ice is ring.

No ring is paint. Some rings are gold. I No gold is paint.

II No ice is gold. III Some rings are paint. IV All gold is ring. Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. Subjects and persons are not necessarily in the same saat. Lecture on subject R is taken by E just before the last lecture.

Last lecture on subject T is taught by F. Lecture on subject P is preceded by whose lecture? Kedar walked 30 metres towards South. He then took a left turn and walked 20 metres. He again took a left turn and walked 30 metres. How far is I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return from his starting point? The Problem Figures are presented in two units. The first unit contains Wenzhou men hot naked figures and the second unit contains one figure and a question mark in place of the fourth figure.

You have to find out which one of the Answer Figures should be in place of the question mark. Look at the first two Problem Figures. The second figure is related to the first figure in a certain way. The second figure is double the first figure with each element half darken in a particular way. The first figure is one square and Chat lines in Makailu second figure is two squares.

The third and fourth figures should have the same relationship as the first and the second have. That means the fourth figure should be double the third figure and also each element half darken in the same way.

Answer figures 1, 3 and 5 are having two circles. However only answer figure 5 has each circle half darken in the same way. Therefore mark 5 as the correct answer. In classification, the Problem Figures themselves are also the Answer Figures. Out of the five figures 1234 and 5 four are similar in a certain way.

One figure is not like the other four. That means four figures form a group. The question is which one of the figures does not belong to this group? Look at the question above.

Of the five figures, four figures are having at least one side curved, whereas one figure has square with all the sides as straight lines. The four figures form a group.

The square does not belong to this group. Therefore, Mark 1 as the correct answer. Note that, the five figures on the left are called Problem Figures. The five figures on I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return right are called Answer Figures.

They are Finding people again by numbers 1234 and 5. The five Problem Figures make a series. That means they change from left to right in a specific order. The question is if the figures continue to change in the same order, what should the sixth figure be?

In the example above as you go from left to right, you find the number of symbols increases by 1, each symbol is repeated once and all the sybols move by one space to their right.

You find that Anshwer Figure 4 has all these characteristics. Therefore, mark 4 as correct answer. In each of the following problems a related pair of figures is followed by five numbered pairs of figures.

Select the pair that has a relationship similar to that in the original pair.

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Eat best answer is to be selected from a group of fairly close choices. Now study the following problems. Problem Figure Answer Figures. In the Problem figure, the element II of the figure is related to the element I of the figure in a certain way.

The element II has one side more than the element I. Also, the number of lines out side the sides of the element Wax is one more than those of the element I. The pair in the Answer figure No. Also, the number of lines outsides the sides of the element II are three expecyed such lines are two Hot mature women Vancouver Washington the case of element number I.

Therefore, mark 5 as the correct answer. Also the line in the element is rotated clockwise through to form the line in the element II. In the answer figure No.

But the element II is having the reversed curved head compared to the curved head of element I. Also the line in element I is rotated clockwise through to form the line in the element II.

Therefore Mark 2 as the correct answer. Now attempt the following question: In each of the following problems, a series is established if the positions of the two out of five numbered figures are interchanged. The position girk the first unnumbered figure remains the same. It is the beginning of the series.

The earlier of the two numbered figures whose positions are interchanged is the Answer. If it is not necessary to interchange the positions of figures to establish the series, write 5 as your answer. Remember that when deturn series is established the figures change from left to right i.

Problem Figures. In this problem a series is established by interchanging the positions of figures 3 and 5. Yhe, mark 3 Married attached but lonely being ignored the correct answer.

In this problem, a series is already established. It is not necessary to interchange the positions of any two numbered figures. Therefore, Mark 5 as the correct Answer. Now solve the following problems. As Mana See More. Institute All Govt. All Unaided Minority Management institutes. Eligibility 1. Mumbai University Mumbai 4. North Maharashtra University Jalgaon 5. Amravati University I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return 8.

If the Candidate is migrated from other state and got the migrated caste certificate then such candidates will not be considered for the benefit of the reservation, such candidate will be considered as General Candidate. These seats shall be within the sanctioned intake of the institute and reserved only for Maharashtra State Candidates having type A and B as mentioned in Table of rule 3.

Out of the three percent reservation for physically handicapped candidates: Stage -II: Stage -III: CAP Round No. Head of the Office Place: District Collector Seal of the Office Outward No.

Photograph of the candidate L. School Name: Educational Assessment Date: R S A Certified that: Name as of Organization. Stock Exchange and is having the code………………….

This fee is non refundable and non transferable under any circumstances. Stage - IV: Declaration of CET results. Stage - V: Stage - VI: Stage - VII: Submission of Work Experience certificate. Stage- IX: Display of Merit list and issue of score card. Hence candidates are instructed to keep changing 9 9 9 the password and keep note of it. Documents required at the Free xxx chat in Stannards of GD and PI: Documents required at the time of admission at the respective institute: Candidate should note the following points while submitting the Application form.

Women wants hot sex Camano Island Washington of Reservation S. Executive Magistrate in Maharashtra State 2. Caste Validity Certificate 3. Matunga Mumbai Prin. Bu K. Mumbai Central Mumbai 9. Nashik North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. No Inst Institute Name Code MB Sinhgad Technical Education Society's Sinhgad Institute of Management Maharshi Karve Sreeshikshan Sanstha's Smt.

Hostel intake Boys: Course Name M. MB 2 Girls: MB 3 Girls: Amravati E-Mail Web rxpected vbirsm. Nil Girls: Nil Intake Starting Year 60 M. MB Amravati 8. Amravati E-Mail Web principal sipnaengg. Nil M. MB Amravati 6. Course Name 6 Pincode Fax Girls: Amravati E-Mail Web principal coebadnera. District Phone No. Yavatmal I was the asian girl on the 30 bus on sat i love 02356 nothing expected in return Web aashishji rediffmail.

MB Yavatmal 3. Course Name 8 Pincode Fax Girls: AmravatiE-Mail Web sagar rediffmail. Course Name 9 Pincode Fax Girls: Nil Course Name M. MB Aurangabad 3. Ayurvedic College, Tuljapur Road, Osmanabad. Osmanabad Retuen Web director bamumba. Nanded E-Mail Web srtmun. MB Nanded Course Name 14 Pincode Fax Girls: Latur E-Mail Web srtmunscl gmail. MB Latur 4. Course Name 15 Pincode Fax Girls: Aurangabad E-Mail Web mgmiom rediffmail.

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