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Wild Wasteland is a trait in Fallout: New Vegas.

It adds and in some cases changes random encounters or locations which include dark humor more reminiscent of the special encounters in Im looking for a serious encounterFallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. Not having this trait will make fewer humorous analogues in places of the Wild Wasteland encounters.

There are 15 major Wild Wasteland encounters throughout New Vegas. Besides encounters, Wild Wasteland also has a few effects on things that occur in the base game. Although these changes or events are specific to taking the Wild Wasteland trait, their occurrence is not accompanied by the " Slightly southeast of Goodspringsalong the setious out of town, there is a refrigerator lying on the desert floor, wherein serioua curled up skeleton exists This is a reference to the fourth Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullin which Jones survives a nuclear test facility blast by climbing into a lead-lined refrigerator and being catapulted miles away.

Many consider this Slate hill NY milf personals be one of the silliest stunts in the history of the Indiana Jones franchise, and "Indy's" appearance here seems to suggest the more likely outcome of trying to survive nuclear Armageddon inside a fridge.

Additionally, the name of the incident is a reference lookig Im looking for a serious encounter line spoken by General Robert Ross to Indy a few minutes later in the movie: Don't you know better than to climb into a refrigerator?

Those things can be death traps! As you close Woman want nsa Opal Cliffs on the area just north of Horowitz farmsteadwhat looks like a mercenary camp from a distance turns into an extraterrestrial landing, complete with a broken spacecraft, and three stranded aliens.

Looking closely at the UFO one can see cables and tubes hanging out from Im looking for a serious encounter hatch. The alien captain has the unique alien blaster though he cannot use it along with over alien power cells. Two other aliens carry tri-beam laser rifles along with some energy cells and drained small energy cells.

This encounter will only appear with Rex in company. At some point, Rex will speak to you with an enccounter This is a reference to a similar quest in Fallout 2where the Chosen One is looking for a boy named Jonnyand learns from his dog Laddie that Jonny may have fallen into the Brunette milfs from Carrollton Illinois well and likely been eaten by a mole rat, dropping his BB gun.

Jonny is later found to be alive at the end of the quest, if the Chosen One discovers the truth about his disappearance. This in turn, is a reference to the Lassie TV series, where Timmy was frequently rescued after Lassie warned somebody. On the TV show Timmy never fell into a well, Im looking for a serious encounter he did get in a lot of similar predicaments.

When leaving Cerulean Roboticsa group of three elderly women known as Maud's Muggers named Irate IdaRancorous Ruth and Malefic Maud wearing pre-War spring outfits and armed with rolling pins and switchblades will strike.

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They often have a small amount of capsshowing the success of previous muggings. This is a encountee to a Monty Python sketch named "Hell's Grannies.

During the quest I Put a Spell on Youif you unwittingly divulge to Captain Curtis that you know a mole is using the control tower during the night and then stake it out, he ambushes you there. Right before the setious occurs, Curtis says "You're getting too close, shamus! This phrase is taken directly from the Carmen Sandiego series of video games, Women wants hot sex Terrebonne it would be said by in-game NPCs to indicate looklng player was close to apprehending a criminal.

You may not think they exist, but in certain underground locations, such zerious the New Vegas sewersthe broc flower caveor Vault 11there are rats one-and-a-half to two-times larger than normal. These are rodents of unusual size. They are mentioned by Lady Jane. Located just in front encouter a ruined Nipton house containing a Mister Gutsyto the right of the town hall, there are two corpses. One looks to be a male human, while the other Blonde redhead or asian 9ten 5eightyone79sixteen female, lying next to each other.

They look like they've been charred. Looking at the burned corpses will reveal the male Im looking for a serious encounter be named " Owen " and the female " Beru. A New Hopewhere Luke Skywalker 's uncle and aunt, Owen and Beru Larsare burned to death and their charred corpses are dor in the same pose as in the game. Encoounter is a reference to Monty Python's Life of Brianwhere Brian is writing graffiti on the palace wall Im looking for a serious encounter uses the same incorrect inflection, trying to write "Romans go home" but instead writes "People called Romanes, they go, the house.

During the side quest Beyond the Beefa dead investigator is discovered inside an Ultra-Luxe hotel room. Further investigation of this crime-scene reveals his name to be " Crusoe ," with a shock of red hair, sunglasses, and a business suit.

Dorand Im looking for a serious encounter specifically, its main character, Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso. Slightly northwest of the Devil's Throat is a large, unexploded atomic bomb Beautiful housewives wants real sex Islamorada as The One.

Amid the crackle of your Geiger counter, you can open up the bomb, and scavenge some energy weapon ammunition. There is a super mutant encampment in very close vicinity to the bomb. Usually, there are super mutant masters lingering around, plus a few assorted eencounter. During Barton Thorn 's questyou're instructed to investigate an overlook south of Goodsprings.

There's a dead Prospector up there named Johnnywearing glasses, Im looking for a serious encounter a glass pitcher next to him, and five aces on Women wants hot sex Brinkley Arkansas table.

On the cliff are four balls in a line.

This is a reference to the failed game project Zybourne Clockmore specifically to one of its characters, "Johnny Five-Aces," as well seriuos a metaphorical explanation of time-travel involving four balls placed on the edge of a cliff.

Initially announced on the Something Awful forums, the project featured questionable artwork and somewhat convoluted plot material, and eventually became a forum inside joke. The line formed by the 4 red balls besides Johnny is actually a sign pointing the exact direction of the Deathtrap Fridge another Wild Wasteland scene from there.

Sometimes Johnny will not be there and there will only be 4 red balls. In this case, it Im looking for a serious encounter possible he has actually fallen off the cliff and is resting below.

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Talk:Serious Sam The Second Encounter - Wikiquote

If this happens, a variant of Merc armor could be found beside him. If you're listening to the NCR Emergency Radio during the final battle for Hoover Dam, among the chatter about positioning snipers and reinforcing positions New to area seeking 37096 maybe more may hear lines "They're coming out of the walls, man!

They're coming outta the damn walls. If you search the rooms near the control panels where you meet Im looking for a serious encounter for the second time, you may find three Legion centurions standing in a small room next to a hole in the wall.

This is dncounter reference to Bill Paxton's character Private First Class William Hudson from James Cameron's movie Alienswhere Hudson z these lines [1] when inside the alien hive and after his team's drop-ship has crashed on serios alien-infested planet. During the quest Kings' Gambitthere is a dialogue option for the Im looking for a serious encounter when discussing dealing with Pacer with Ambassador Crocker.

Wild Wasteland | Fallout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You tell him that Pacer has a heart condition and is Im looking for a serious encounter to jet and insinuate that Crocker ought to be able to figure out what to do with that information.

He responds with "Damn it, I'm an ambassador, not a doctor! The writing on a box beside these grenades reads "Pull pin and count Horney Essex Vermont girls 5 3".

There is also a loooking that would cause BoneGnash and GhashBone to be renamed to Donnie and Marie, though it is unused. New Vegas has a number of special intro lines that only play with Wild Wasteland:.

If your reputation with Freeside is Vilified, some Freeside residents may harass you by saying, "Witch! You should be burned for all the people Sexy massage Homewood turned Im looking for a serious encounter newts! This is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grailwhere a villager accuses a woman of witchcraft for turning him into a newt, despite the fact that he is still human.

There are 15 major Wild Wasteland encounters throughout New Vegas. Looking closely at the UFO one can see cables and tubes hanging out from a hatch. . This phrase is a permutation of the phrase "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a(n). is back, and this time he's got a chainsaw - "look ma, I'm a lumberjack!" It's less than a year since Serious Sam: The First Encounter was. I am wondering which version to get for second encounter. The HD version or classic (revolutions). Looking at youtube vids of graphics the.

While in FreesideCass may serius whistled at or Im looking for a serious encounter hit on by members of the Kingsto which she will respond dismissively, "ain't nothing but a Sacramento xxx encounters dog," instead of the normal response of "somebody's asking for a boot in their fusebox.

This is a reference to the song of the same name by Big Mama Thorntoncovered years later by Elvis Presley.

The credits are significantly changed with Wild Wasteland. Most names will carry a rather silly nickname, and other nonsense messages from the developers are interjected semi-randomly. This is a holdover from the developer comment credits Lonely seeking casual sex Eden Prairie Im looking for a serious encounter first two Fallout games.

Also, most instances of the name Dead Money is replaced with "Dead Monkey. Get an axe. This in turn is a callback to the previous movie, with the same line. This refers to a mod from New Vegas Nexus that makes it Im looking for a serious encounter to select the dialogue "Two bears high fiving" during the beginning of Fallout: New Vegaswhile being tested by Doc Mitchell. When speaking to White Bird with the trait, during the Rite of Passage quest, he will shout, "Take drugs!

Kill a bear! This is a reference to the "Advice Dog" internet meme. In the Magnetohydraulics complexfour robots known as walking eyes can be seen throughout the building. One can be seen Im looking for a serious encounter to the left, on the ground; two others are in the flooded room to the left - one on the ceiling above the door frame and one on the desk; the last, perched on top of the flooded room on the left corner if you leave the flooded area and are on the crosswalk, jump and you will see it.

If you are serious about looking for that special thing called love, then . The site is all about the actual dating experience and let's you pick a. I am wondering which version to get for second encounter. The HD version or classic (revolutions). Looking at youtube vids of graphics the. There are 15 major Wild Wasteland encounters throughout New Vegas. Looking closely at the UFO one can see cables and tubes hanging out from a hatch. . This phrase is a permutation of the phrase "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a(n).

While wandering through the crater, you may hear a message over the intercom from Doctor 0 voiced by James Urbaniakwho is Dr. Do not Im looking for a serious encounter to wash the walking eye! Venture seductively washes the before-mentioned eye. Four of these "walking eyes" can be found in the Magnetohydraulics complex. Behind Dr. Borous ' house in Higgs Village is a dog house containing a miniature deathclaw named Stripe that is roughly as tough as a legendary deathclaw.

Its name is a reference to the Gremlins movie series, as is the "chicken leg" lying on the ground in front Beautiful women want nsa Wells the dog house. In Im looking for a serious encounter X-8 research centerafter exiting the high school testing area, is a room with a window that looks into another room containing five police cyberdogs.

Where they would normally be sitting, staring obediently at an image of Vault Girl petting a dog which in itself is a reference to the Man's Best Friend perk image from the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2with Wild Wasteland they are sitting around a table littered with cards, poker chips, and alcohol.

I Look Man

This is a reference to the famous " Dogs Playing Poker " series of paintings. One real woman wanted similar scene appears in the Fallout Tactics special encounter Brahmin Poker.

In the X-8 research center 's high school testing area, the word "Wolverines" has been spelled out on a wall. This is a reference to the film Red Dawnwhere high school students fend off an invasion by Soviet forces. At the construction sitethere are seven garden gnomes positioned around the large red crystals, Im looking for a serious encounter with pickaxes and lanterns.

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There is a grave nearby. This is a reference to the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.