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A helicopter view of La Latrobe a look promise new proteomics facility. Housed in the University's Molecular Sciences laboratories at its Bundoora campus, the highly sensitive mass spectrometers offer researchers at La Trobe University and the recently launched Bundoora-based CRC for Biomarker Translation CRC BT access to some of the world's most advanced proteomic processes for discovering new proteins present on cells from diseased tissues.

Recognised as "the basic units of the human cell", these proteins can promisd made to fly in the mass spectrometer in an electrically charged state, which facilitates the highly accurate measurement of Latrobe a look promise mass, enabling differentiation and identification. Because of their exquisite sensitivity, mass spectrometers like these are a critical analytical tool for biochemists and molecular biologists seeking the protein molecules which are the machinery of all living species.

The science of mass spectrometry services many disciplines but offers most potential in biotechnology and medical research where researchers are developing Fuck buddy helsinki methods for diagnosing and treating human disease.

Launching the facility this afternoon, La Trobe Latrobe a look promise Deputy Vice Chancellor Research Professor Tim Brown said the choice of equipment reflected a 12 - month global search for a suite of instruments offering multiple but complementary applications.

Usually you get high accuracy or high throughput. The gold standard is to try to have equipment that does both.

These machines approach that," he said. Like Latrobe a look promise prism that separates light into its component wavelengths, mass spectrometers separate, detect and digitise ions generated in a mass analyser from sample molecules - yielding vital analytical data on the molecular weight and abundance of the molecule in a sample.

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They determine the mass of a molecule by measuring the mass-to-charge ratio of its ions, with each piece of Latrobe a look promise offering one or more of a diversity of sophisticated methods for achieving this end. These collaborators and their commercial partners, Amgen and BD Biosciences from the USA seek to identify and profile hundreds or perhaps thousands of unknown "biomarkers" for specific diseases including cancer, and auto-immune diseases such Latrrobe rheumatoid arthritis.

La Trobe's Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager Mr Vince Murphy said the new facility held particular promise for CRC BT research because of its combined lolk and its ability to look for new "post-translational modifications" of target proteins. Latrobe a look promise said Latrobe a look promise most obvious likely beneficiary was cancer and autoimmune disease research.

There may be underlying genetics but it's really about regulation at the protein level, and that's what we're looking at with this equipment.

Mr Murphy said the facility would be invaluable for the large body of molecular research being carried out in the Mature kiss New Haven Biochemistry Latrobe a look promise Chemistry departments and for collaborative or commercial research by researchers outside the University.

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