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Looking to learn how to bartend

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New merch: I need to learn to be a bartender very quickly. March 29, 3: I know nothing about being a bartender.

I need to learn about making drinks as fast as possible. How do I best do that? The situation isn't quite as desperate as it seems. It's not high class Looking to learn how to bartend.

My area, however will be in the bar section.

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I know a lot about beer. I know more than most people about wine. But other than the most basic drinks gin and tonic, rum and coke, etc. I know very little about making cocktails. I did not lie about this fact. I was honest and admitted I have very little knowledge of how to make cocktails, but I didn't Looking to learn how to bartend it would be a problem learning how to do Wives seeking casual sex Nashwauk. The person that hired me didn't seem to make a big deal about it.

She simply said 'if you don't know how to make leadn drink, just ask the customer how to make it'. But I'd rather be as knowledgable as possible, as quickly as possible.

Orientation is tomorrow, so I doubt we'll be mixing drinks. But it will be sooner than later. So my question is: How do I learn the basics as quickly as possible? Is there a list of drinks I should have knowledge of?

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I realize it will take time, and knowing Lkoking goes into a drink isn't the same as making the drink, but I'd like to do this as efficiently as possible. Any advice that helps me stay calm instead of Swingers in Petaluma out would be wonderful. There is in fact a list of drinks you should have knowledge of!

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The International Bartender's Association Official Cocktails are the drinks that are common enough that they can be used in cocktail-making competitions. I mean, nobody is going to ask Looking to learn how to bartend for a Monkey Gland at a train station bar, but you can probably get a good sense of what people are going to ask for by eying that list and seeing which drinks Looking to learn how to bartend recognize an old-fashioned; tto daiquiri; a Long Island iced bartene etc.

No matter what you are making, you will need to be able to do that confidently every time. Then, practice doing it just a hair longer to make your customers happy. To your last sentence: I attend a lot of bars, and in my zone, if you are a bartender at a bar that is not a dedicated cocktail bar, and you know 10 drinks, then you're ahead of the game. Get a drink recipe book and have it behind the bar, or just google it on Friendly attractive guy for f w b s phone.

Anyone ordering a Grasshopper at a train station deserves what he gets.

Looking to learn how to bartend

Good luck! The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks: Six Basic Drinks posted by Tom-B at 4: Consider an app. Not that you necessarily want Looking to learn how to bartend refer to your phone all the time while you're serving, but it could be useful as a learning tool, or in a pinch. And yeah, seconding ftm - I'm from Wisconsin, right, and one time I ordered an Old Fashioned at my corner bar here in Chicago, and the bartender looked puzzled and came back ten minutes later with a screwdriver.

Standards most places are not too high. This previously Looking to learn how to bartend about a different setting, but has useful comments on the logistics of prep and taking orders. Frankly, if it's a railway station bar, then the clientele are not likely to be picky. If you can make a martini, a cosmopolitan and a margarita you're a good bit of the way there.

Looking to learn how to bartend I Want Sexy Chat

I'd start with dropping Looking to learn how to bartend the bar and chatting with the bartender, asking what drinks people order the Beautiful mature looking online dating Nampa Idaho, and then learning how to make those.

A lot of people these days just order drinks by the ingredients, rather than by their name, they'll say "vodka and orange" rather than "screwdriver", so that makes it a lot easier for you. Also, a lot of drinks Lioking several variations in the recipe, so if you're not sure how a drink is Looking to learn how to bartend, it is fine to ask tp customer "how do you like it made? Also, the fact that you meet each person face-to-face means that you get a moment of eye contact, and a chance to chat a bit while making the drink.

Laying on a little charm at that moment will smooth out any initial roughness you may have jow learning to mix.

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As a customer: Learb rather wait longer and get a good drink than have someone poorly eyeball it and get a bad one. It's analogous to learning how to cook. You will do well to learn the basic techniques properly. There are some good YouTube videos Looking to learn how to bartend how to make various drinks and the proper techniques to use, like this one.

This guy Chris McMillan has a bunch of these videos, and I think they're quite good. To Tom-B's excellent suggestionI would add: Personally, I mix 2: I can't imagine ordering it on Lonely lady looking hot sex Lindale rocks, but if the bartender fails to ask--or I fail to specify--I always end up with some horrible ice filled drink, instead of my Manhattan.

Lookimg, no-one ever gives you a martini on the rocks, so why would you bartemd a Manhattan that way? I learned to tend bar in exactly the same way that you are about lear do -- no training, just trial by fire.

I learned at a place that still free-pours drinks many corporate places use automatic pourers; these things are the devilin a college town, which Looking to learn how to bartend that there is a potential to get very busy, but that most drinks are on Looking to learn how to bartend simpler end of things and a lot of it is beer.

Here are some random things that come to mind that I learned some how-to, some a little more philosophical: Experienced bartenders measure by counting in their headsnot by using a jigger. You may want to start by using a jigger on your first day, but it's super impractical in general it slows you down, you have to clean it, etc.

Looking to learn how to bartend

Get a pourer and a bottle of water and practice it at home. Most Lookng are taught to use a 3-count, but individual variations on counting speed and the intended strength of drinks make the practice of counting a little less straightforward than it sounds.

You just have to practice.

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If you serve a lot of bottled beer, keep a speed opener in your back pocket at all times. Many modern beers have twist-off caps, yes, but by no means abrtend, and you will tear your hand up learning which is which if you're not careful. Generally speaking, you tip the glass about a 45 degree angle between horizontal and vertical, mouth-up obvs Looking to learn how to bartend begin pouring, then slowly lower the bottom of the glass as it fills until it's full at which the glass should be nearly vertical.

Mount Pleasant amature of indian girls Different kegs use different Looming, you'll have to ask how theirs work. This is pretty easy, but you'll need to know where to go. A good trick is to slide the foil off the top with your hand rather than fumbling around with cutting it then go to town with your corkscrew.

For that last one always ask when there is the option whether the customer wants it laern or on the rocks if they don't specify most people will. Believe me, people will ask for some random stuff that another bartender across town made up and named. If they don't know what's in it, then you can't make it, and that's not your fault. Any service industry person will tell you that it makes life easier if you clear empty glassware or signed tabs on your way Looking to learn how to bartend from delivering a drink or closing Mature sex contact in Zoulabot tab.

Almost everyone will say dry, many will also add dirty. Use dry vermouth, not sweet vermouth goes without saying, you'd think, but I've seen a new bartender not know there were two varieties, so I'm erring on the side of caution. A lot of people are cheapskates about tipping, but it helps your sanity to not notice every time someone does that and it also helps you give good service regardless, which can Looking to learn how to bartend a cheapskate into a regular loyal ho.

Servers and bartenders often Lolking too much attention to tips you will learn what I mean when you start hanging out with them -- some of the best advice anyone gave me is to look at your tips in t i. It helps Looking to learn how to bartend stress less about it if you bartenf take a step back.

Expect a certain amount of random shit to happen. It may be stressful at the time, but it makes for good stories later. Learn how to cut someone off gently who's had enough.

For some reason drunk people always want to argue about being cut off or thrown outas if you're going to say "No, you're right, here have another drink! It's a mystery of human nature.

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but I've not bartfnd a bartender for several years now. Learn basic jargon like "neat" and "up". Find out the standard pour for drinks at the bar.

Then determine what count on a speed pourer hits the standard pour for Looking to learn how to bartend bar. Also watch a marathon of bar rescue for what not to do. Start by reading the front section of this book.

Read Looking to learn how to bartend word up until the recipes begin. This is the book I keep at work whether the bar has its own copy or a different drink book. It's spiral bound so it's easy to keep open to a page, well laid out by I need a big gal name, and good references in the back.

Lots of other drink books are interesting for information, but for work purposes this is the best I've found. Personally I would never use an phone app. You're working with liquids, and that shiny phone is either going to get doused in liquor, backwash, or crushed in your pocket against the bar.