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Newly single guy with hotel room

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Just wanted to get some info with regards to what suggestions would be for my first trip to Europe and a great place for singles with good nightlife, culture shopping, restaurants. I am thinking of Amsterdam next June 3 to 9 but any other suggestions would be great with hotel wiith Newly single guy with hotel room looking to do the youth hostel way as well.

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Thanks for your advice Robert, Although I often travel "solo", I'm somewhat older so don't place a lot of emphasis on "nightlife" when I'm travelling although I do always visit the local restaurants.

A few thoughts about your questions.

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You'll probably find that most cities in Europe provide all the attributes you mentioned, so I wouldn't limit your list to just Amsterdam. If you'd prefer cities where language won't be an issue, you could also consider London, Edinburgh or Dublin.

I Am Looking Sexy Dating Newly single guy with hotel room

However, I've found that one can get by with English in other cities in Europe, so you could also consider Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam or others. A lot will depend on what "type" of nightlife you're Beautiful housewives looking sex dating Meridian for.

As Newly single guy with hotel room plan on staying in Hostels, you won't have any problems getting recommendations for places to enjoy nightlife, shopping, restaurants, etc. Both the Hostel staff and other guests will have lots of info. As this is your first trip to Europe, I'd highly recommend reading Europe Through The Back Door before you get too far in your planning.

That will provide sinle with good information on "how" to travel well in Europe.

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You could also have a look at Best of Europe, as that may provide some good tips on which cities to choose. Is there any possibility you could get more time? Travelling Sex dating in Curwensville that way for only one week seems a bit "short". Keep in mind that you'll generally yotel the first and last days of the trip in travel times, which would only leave five days for actual sightseeing.

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Good luck with your planning! Be sure to check out Barcelona. It has all those things, especially the nightlife and restaurants.

I have friends from the UK that went to Ibiza this summer and they said it puts the 'trash' in 'Eurotrash'. They cut their trip short and went to Barcelona. Might be worth a look for a day or two.

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I hear that Mykonos is still decent. The same friends went there last summer.

I haven't been to either so I can't confirm. If you are starting in amsterdam and have only six days, you don't want to go too far.

I Am Seeking Nsa Sex Newly single guy with hotel room

I would suggest either Copenhagen or Berlin. Not only great nightlife, but lots to see. Since you said "other suggestions would be great". You have lots of pubs to go to, and lots of hostel choices.

Also, plenty of club nightlife. I just did a Google search for "Time Out London Nightclubs" and it Newly single guy with hotel room up lots of choices from Time Out magazine pick up a copy when you get to London for complete listings of what's happening and clubsincluding Nwwly article titled "Top 10 London Clubs".

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London has, of course, great museums and awesome sights. You will probably meet other people from all over the world there who have come to London for their vacation, especially at the time of year you have mentioned.

Good meals can be had at pubs for not much money. Have a great trip wherever you decide to go.

I second Berlin - don't know how old you are but it is THE party town for the younger folks. Loaded with places to see and things to do. Plus, Berlin is probably less expensive than any of the major European capitals. Ibiza is, in a sense, a place like Las Vegas - you can love, or hate it.

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Sure, they don't have all the casinos and shows, but in terms of attracting people Europe-wide for partying, it's a good destination. Bear in mind that, like Las Vegas, such reputation of Doom attracts, indeed, a large spectrum of people including the "trash" on Eurotrash.

But you can splurge, is a nice place to do so.

Thanks for everyone that replyied. Some asked how old I am well. I am 40 but I hear its the new I still love to party keep myself in shape and would love to enjoy where i am going. I like trance. Someone mentioned if i was in Amsterdam for only a week I should try to see Berlin. I would guess i would have yotel get a eurorail pass.

Any more help would be appreciated I have already started an itenery I have also considered Barcelona or Madrid. Again thanks to all that have Newly single guy with hotel room. This is a favorite travel quote of mine by a famous man So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Lady wants casual sex North Valley Seconding Berlin for a Newly single guy with hotel room nightlife scene. Tends towards people in their mids but we definitely saw people your age out and about Newly single guy with hotel room the bars as well. My husband and I are in our 30s and we didn't feel like geezers, Nelwy.

If the whole trip is 6 days and does that include arrival and departure days, because if it does, you singpe really talking about 4 decent days spent in Amsterdamyou definitely don't want to stray too far so picking another adjacent country that you can reach fairly quick is your best bet. So is flying open jaw so you don't hptel even more time backtracking to your original point of entry to fly back home.

Getting a train pass qith a short trip is generally a waste of money. Depending on where you finally decide to go, you may do just as well buying point to point tickets which you can sometimes get at a discount if you can commit to certain travel days and buy in advance online. For trance, deep underground You'll find it in many of the cities already mentioned Berlin, Barcelona, Ibiza, London.

You can also add Rome, Florence and Rimini in Italy for the type of clubbing you like. The majority of clubbers in these places are definitely in their 20s, so Newly single guy with hotel room can tell you now that if you walk around publicly declaring "40 is the new 30!

And neither will any something women. Just a friendly warning on something to avoid if you'd like to meet the young ladies.

Same applies if you happen to be gay.

No hot young twink wants to hear that either! To the last posted reply. I am not botel through any mid life crisis just trying to get some advice from people who may know. Secondly I am not gay, not in this life or the next. Thirdly I am not looking to pick up and dont state that in my original post.

For future post's from anyone, if you dont have anything usefull to enlighting me with regards to my planned trip then dont waste time. I am planning a week and a week only if one city is Newly single guy with hotel room i can do then Housewives seeking sex Chambers Nebraska than likely all my research leads me to Holland.

singe Again thank you to all who have lent me their advice. Robert, I think Amsterdam is a very good choice to spend a week at. My wife and I spent 3 nights there and I want to go back. Everybody was friendly, and everyone I encountered spoke very clear English.

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I could understand the Dutch English accent more than yuy British English accent as well. We love London, we spent 10 nights there last month. Amsterdam is really laid back and interesting to walk around in.

I'd recommend taking Meet new girls in Swans island Maine canal tour - when you walk out of Centraal Station from the airport you'll Newly single guy with hotel room all the tour boats lined up.

We'd stay there again in a heartbeat! There is a lot of nightlife in Amsterdam, always a concert or some activity around.

Just a very cool vibe there. Check out Haarlemmerstraat, there are a lot of affordable places to eat there. We liked "Toscana" - an inexpensive Italian cafe - for dinner, we went there all Osito looking for Helsinki nights for dinner!

Robert, One question that I forgot to ask in wlth original reply Of all the locations in Newlu, what prompted you to choose Amsterdam for your first trip to Europe? A few additional comments to add to my earlier reply If you'd toom to stay in a Hostel, check This Newly single guy with hotel room.

They appear to have three properties in Amsterdam. It may be beneficial to buy an inexpensive Membership, as that will provide cheaper rates and preferred booking.

If you haven't stayed in a Hostel before, you may find it somewhat "different" to stay in Dorm rooms.