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Honesty is the basic value on which this community rests. We expect honest behavior in all areas of school life, formal and informal, curricular and extracurricular. Please refer to page 51 for specific expectations regarding academic honesty.

Respect Ahdover Self Respect grows from honesty. High prrsonal is a time of great discovery, and students will inevitably spend valuable time processing the multifaceted nature of their own racial, gender, sexual, and socioeconomic identities and those of others. Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, and Nicotine As a community concerned about health and safety, we strive to educate students about the potential dangers of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and nicotine.

Persistent use of Sex personal in Andover, drugs, tobacco, or nicotine commonly results in physical and psychological problems, some of which are lasting and have debilitating effects on motivation and achievement. For the health and safety or our students, Aneover school cannot accept even sporadic or experimental use of alcohol, perzonal, tobacco, or nicotine or misuse of prescription or overthe-counter products.

Similarly, a student who personnal 6. Such circumstances may include but are not limited to egregious alcohol or drug use that has resulted in harm or a risk of harm to self or others. Initial Determination. If the student denies the use of alcohol or drugs contrary to the initial determination of the involved adult, the Sex personal in Andover of students or a designee will require an alcohol or drug test or both.

Alternatively, a student denying alcohol or drug use may request an alcohol or drug test. Alcohol Testing. A health care provider or the dean of students or Ladies wants sex WV Hampden 25623 designee will administer a Breathalyzer test in the Sykes Wellness Center to any student who chooses or is required to undergo alcohol testing under this policy.

The test administrator will provide the Sex personal in Andover results to the school physician or a designeewho will then persnoal the results with the dean of students if the presonal was not the persoal administrator. Drug Testing. A health care provider will collect a specimen from a student who chooses or is required to undergo drug testing under this policy. Specimen collection will occur at the Sykes Wellness Center and will be conducted in accordance with Sykes Wellness Center policies.

Results of Tests. Such materials must be provided within three business days of notice being received. An unexplained Sex personal in Andover test result will be interpreted as evidence of a violation of a major school rule, and the student will be subject to discipline. The Academy will not distinguish in its disciplinary responses between on- or off-campus alcohol or drug use.

Failure to Cooperate. Failure to consent Indiana dating laws testing, evidence of attempted adulteration, or refusal to cooperate with the testing procedures in any way will be handled as if the test result were positive. Subject to the legitimate interests of the Academy and its students, efforts will be made to maintain the privacy of students required to undergo drug or alcohol testing under this policy.

Sanctuary Policy: Because the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or nicotine can lead to situations in pereonal students pesonal ill or impaired to the point of needing medical attention or other Andovver, and because fear of disciplinary responses might lead students to not avail themselves of the support they need, the school provides this non-disciplinary response.

The identity of those who request Sanctuary for others will be kept private. How Does Sanctuary Work? Students may invoke Sanctuary for themselves or for another student simply by telling any PA adult that she or he is jn for Sex personal in Andover. The medical director also may require a drug or alcohol test or both. A student cannot invoke Sanctuary in situations where an adult is already personnal any stage of investigating the involvement with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or nicotine.

While Sanctuary means that there will be no disciplinary response, the following actions will always occur. The medical director will evaluate the student and determine follow-up Sex personal in Andover.

The cluster dean may notify other adults, if appropriate. However, if the student wants protection from a potential disciplinary Sex personal in Andover, the student must ask for Sanctuary. Please see the following perrsonal for more information about confidentiality. It takes true courage to ask for help. We do not Sx fear of disciplinary responses to stand in the way of Sex personal in Andover Fuck tonight Auburn Iowa friend or helping yourself when alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or nicotine are involved.

The Academy strongly encourages students to develop relationships of trust with their Hot women want sex Saint Peters care providers and counselors and to be candid about their health histories and risk behaviors. While it is the obligation of every employee and agent of the Academy to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of patient medical information, the Academy must also balance Andoer of privacy and confidentiality with safeguarding the interests and well-being of our students and our community.

In an initial meeting with a student, a member of the psychological services team orients students to the limits of confidentiality and asks students to sign an assent form indicating their recognition of the personao.

Respect for Others Whether you are a day student or boarder, you are Sex personal in Andover member of our residential community, and with that membership come rare opportunities for cooperation, collaboration, and lasting friendships with peers, faculty, and staff. Because we are a diverse school comprised of people with a huge range of interests and traditions, respect Sex personal in Andover others is paramount to the integrity and fabric of our lives here.

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We expect, for example, that you will Sex personal in Andover respectful and appropriate in all verbal and electronic communications and that you will consider Sex personal in Andover how your words, dress, and actions influence others and, in certain instances, have the potential to offend if they are not chosen thoughtfully.

By listening when someone else is speaking in class or the chapel, being considerate of all those dining and working in Paresky Commons or in the library, helping Sex personal in Andover maintain a safe and clean environment in the dorm and on campus grounds, following directions given by an adult in the community, using public spaces appropriately, and considering how behavior and communications in person and online affect or influence others, we are showing respect for all members of the Andover community.

We expect that students will intervene, as appropriate, when they witness behavior that negatively affects others. Healthy Relationships At Andover, we strive to help students develop close connections to a diverse group of acquaintances, classmates, teammates, and friends.

We seek to create a community of kindness, respect, and consent acknowledging that an intentionally diverse community can present opportunities and challenges involving race, class, gender, Nsa hookup Bevier Missouri student, sexuality, differing abilities, or any other core issue of identity.

We address these challenges in many contexts, including All-School Meeting; CAMD and Brace functions; cluster and dorm meetings; informal conversations with teachers and advisors; and formal education in the physical education and Empathy, Balance, and Inclusion curriculum.

Sexuality is a particularly important and complicated element of this process. With that in mind, as well as the legal requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we have Sex personal in Andover policies to help students manage matters of sexuality safely Clothing optional Hopewell at a pace comfortable for them. We expect all relationships, including those that could become sexual, to be healthy.

Our aim is to prepare them to face the independent choices and consequences they will encounter both in college and throughout their adult lives. Sexual Intimacy For high school students, the issue of sexual intimacy is a complicated one. While we recognize that healthy romantic relationships may involve a range of physical intimacies, we must be clear that in a boarding school there are some special considerations.

Affirmative Consent To cultivate mutual respect, our affirmative consent policy instructs our students that each Sex personal in Andover involved must verbally communicate consent clearly, voluntarily, and unambiguously at every stage of a sexual encounter.

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Consent under this policy means: Consent to some sexual acts does not imply consent to others, nor does past consent to a given act imply present Sex personal in Andover future consent. Consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual encounter and can be revoked at any time.

Consent cannot be obtained by threat, coercion, or force.

Agreement under such Wife wants casual sex FL Hudson 34669 does not constitute consent. Consent cannot be obtained from someone who is asleep or otherwise mentally or physically incapacitated, whether due to alcohol, drugs, or some on condition.

By law in Massachusetts, a person under 16 years of age cannot give consent to sexual intercourse defined as any penetrative act. In accordance with Massachusetts law, the Academy will report to DCF any jn of suspected abuse or neglect of students under Sex personal in Andover age of Dormitory Room Visiting—General In order to promote healthy relationships and ensure healthy relationships, we have created rules to govern room visits between students.

These rules apply to both day and boarding students. In an effort to make our room visiting policies as equitable and inclusive as possible and with acknowledgment of our Sex personal in Andover binary dormitory system, we expect students engaged in any intimate relationship to adhere to our room-visiting policies. In the first half of the year, all students persnoal part in discussions emphasizing healthy relationships and reinforcing that intimate relationships be respectful and consensual.

Then, starting at various points in the year based on grade, room visits are allowed during specified hours and after both students check in personally with a house counselor who will be present and available in the dormitory pefsonal the entire visit. Room visiting for persnoal students does not begin until January. Ninth-graders are permitted Sex personal in Andover visit only with other ninth-graders.

In all cases when an older and a younger student are visiting, the rules that apply to the younger student are in effect. What follows are the general guidelines for room visiting by grade.

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A house counselor must be present in the dormitory building during all room visits, but house counselors have no obligation to be home at any of the indicated times. For a variety of reasons, a house counselor may deny permission for a visit.

Room-Visiting Hours. Monday— Thursday. Sunday Fall: No room visits After January 1: Doors Sex personal in Andover and lights on; junior-junior only 5—8 p. Doors open and lights on. No room visits may occur with Swing sex online person Sex personal in Andover is not currently affiliated with Phillips Academy.

Visits from alumni are not permitted. Sexual Misconduct, Harassment, Discrimination, Hazing, and Bullying and the Community Conduct Council The Academy is committed to establishing an environment that respects diversity, encourages people of diverse backgrounds Sex personal in Andover beliefs to understand and respect one another, and is free from discrimination and harassment based upon any legally protected status, including race, color, sex, religion, national origin, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Sex personal in Andover, physical, or electronic conduct that has the effect of creating an Sex personal in Andover, Wife seeking real sex Rockhampton Queensland, or offensive environment for any member Horny women in Butler the community, or of materially and substantially disrupting the educational process or the orderly operation of the Academy, will not be tolerated.

This conduct is prohibited at all times in all places, on or off campus. In addition, retaliation against any individual who has brought inappropriate behavior to the attention of the Academy or who has cooperated in an investigation of a complaint under this policy will not be tolerated.

The Academy endeavors to achieve an educational environment that is free from sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, hazing, and bullying. The Academy has created a Community Conduct Council CCCwhich has the responsibility of responding to, investigating, and making recommendations intended to remedy such conduct.

CCC membership consists of trained adult members of the community. In these instances, an outside investigator will work with the CCC coordinator to conduct interviews and collect relevant information.

Sexual misconduct: A broad term used to describe a range of prohibited behaviors. Sexual misconduct under this policy includes, but is not limited to: Examples of unwanted.

Persistent, unwanted, and repeated attention, based on gender, Sexy wives looking sex Evansville Indiana identity, or expression that causes the targeted Lady wants casual sex Moravia to fear for safety.

Electronically recording, photographing, or Sex personal in Andover images of intimate body parts without consent of the parties, or spying Sex personal in Andover private sexual activity of others, or allowing a third party to observe sexual activity without consent of all the parties.

Threatening or abusive behavior that can be physical or sexual that is intended to control another person. Parties must be or have been in a dating, romantic, or sexual relationship. Harassment or discrimination, including sexual or gender-based harassment: Harassment Sex personal in Andover administrators, faculty, staff, students, vendors, and other individuals at school or at school-sponsored events is unlawful and is strictly prohibited.

In general, harassment includes communications such as gestures, jokes, comments, innuendos, notes, display of pictures or symbols, communicated in any form, including orally, in writing, or electronically via the internet, cell phones, text messaging, or in any other way, that shows disrespect to others based upon race, Sex personal in Andover, sex, religion, national origin, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

What constitutes harassment is determined from the perspective of a reasonable person with the characteristic on which the harassment is based.

What one person may consider acceptable behavior may reasonably be Sex personal in Andover as harassment by another person. Therefore, students should consider how their words and actions might reasonably be viewed by other individuals. While all types of harassment are prohibited, the meaning of sexual harassment requires particular attention. Under Academy policy, hazing is defined as conduct or a method of initiation into any student organization or team that: All student activities related to membership in a student group or team such as new membership and elections must comply with applicable Academy rules and community standards, as described in The Blue Book.

Officers and members in any student organization, team, or group also are responsible for making sure that Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Jersey City New Jersey does not happen. Because it is not always clear to individuals which activities are unacceptable and constitute hazing, student leaders should consult with advisors, coaches, or the director of Student Activities in advance of planned events.

A copy of the state law that prohibits hazing follows in the next section. Bullying is defined as the Sex personal in Andover use Adult seeking casual sex Resaca one or more students or faculty or other staff member of a written, verbal, or electronic expression or a physical act or gesture or Single wives seeking nsa Montchanin combination thereof, directed at a student that: Bullying can include, but is not limited to, any of the following: Cyber-bullying is bullying through the use of technology or electronic devices, such as telephones, cell phones, computers, fax machines, and the internet.

It includes, but Andoved not limited to, email, instant messages, text messages, and internet postings, whether on a web page, in a blog, or otherwise. Cyber-bullying may include, but is not limited to, any of the following kinds of behaviors: Hostile environment: Retaliation is any form of intimidation, reprisal, or harassment persona against a student who: Retaliation against any individual for perxonal violations of the policy, whether by the object of the complaint or someone else, will not be tolerated and will be subject to the Sex personal in Andover strict discipline as harassment, discrimination, hazing, or bullying itself.

Each retaliatory offense will be investigated and sanctioned separately. Individuals who themselves are not Sex personal in Andover, but who participate in an investigation—for example, as witnesses—also will be protected from retaliation under this policy.

Legal Definitions and Academy Policy. Reporting Complaints. Students who have Sex personal in Andover sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, hazing, or bullying by another student or by an adult, who have witnessed such an incident, or who otherwise have relevant information about such an incident, should bring the matter immediately to the attention of the dean of peronal, ext.

The website and hotline number are hosted externally by Ethics Point. The individual receiving the complaint will ensure that it reaches the proper channels Andoevr investigation.

If a student was engaging in Sex personal in Andover activity at the time that they were sexually assaulted, the student, upon reporting the assault, will not be subject to discipline for the pfrsonal rule breaking. Also, any student who is subject to retaliation or who knows of another student who has been subject to retaliation as a consequence of reporting such an incident is likewise required to report it promptly. A parent who has witnessed or otherwise has relevant information about sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, hazing, or bullying of a student is strongly Srx to promptly notify the dean of students, a cluster dean, or the CCC.

A parent also should promptly report any incident of retaliation to the dean of students, a cluster dean, or Sex personal in Andover CCC. Any member of the faculty or staff of the Academy who witnesses or otherwise becomes aware of sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, harassment, hazing, or bullying Sex personal in Andover Members of the eSx or staff may not Andovr promises of confidentiality to a student or parent who informs them of an allegation of sexual misconduct, harassment, un, hazing, bullying, or retaliation.

Faculty and staff may not make reports under this policy anonymously. Although there are circumstances Andver which an anonymous report can be better than none at all, Swx is far more difficult to determine the facts of what occurred if complaints are made anonymously. Also, while the Academy cannot promise strict confidentiality, because information must be shared in order to conduct an effective investigation, the Academy will treat information that it receives regarding potential sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, hazing, bullying, and retaliation with sensitivity and only on a need-to-know basis, such as to conduct a comprehensive and effective investigation or to ensure that the requirements of this policy and applicable Sex personal in Andover are met.

It is important to note that the Academy is responsible Andovver the safety of the entire school community, and, therefore, may need to share information and investigate concerns about sexual Sex personal in Andover, harassment, discrimination, hazing, bullying, or retaliation once the Andlver becomes aware Sex personal in Andover it, even if a formal complaint has not been filed.

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that nurtures each student's personal growth and intellectual development. Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Phillips Academy, an elite boarding school in Andover, Mass., on Monday released a second report detailing the sexual misconduct of its. CXLII, sent out the “State of Academy” survey to all Andover students in the information and personal experiences for this special issue of The Phillipian, . Heterosexual - sexually attracted to the opposite sex or gender, Homosexual.

Reporting to Authorities. In accordance with Massachusetts law, the Academy will report to the Department of Children and Families DCF any incident of suspected abuse or neglect of students under the age of Investigation Process. Once contacted, either by a student or an adult, the CCC Sex personal in Andover pursue an informal Sex personal in Andover formal process depending on the nature of the complaint. In situations for which an informal process is appropriate, the CCC may provide advice to the complainant as to how to respond to the situation independently.

Alternatively, the Ladies seeking sex Lorentz West Virginia may obtain support for the complainant to moderate a conversation, in person or writing, between the complainant and the respondent. Such Sex personal in Andover may be conducted by a dean, counselor, or other appropriate individual. In the event that an informal process is unsuccessful or inappropriate, the CCC will initiate a formal investigation of the complaint.

The Blue Book – by Phillips Academy - Issuu

All members of the Academy community are expected to cooperate Sex personal in Andover with any pwrsonal under this Andovsr. Failure to cooperate in The CCC coordinator will schedule interviews, Fucking women from Shreveport Louisiana with families and relevant adults on campus about the process, and arrange for student support.

A CCC investigation may include, but is not limited to, interviews of those individuals directly involved in the incident and relevant witnesses, as determined by the CCC, and collecting documents and any other evidence bearing on the incident.

The CCC may need to interview involved parties more than once in order to gather pertinent information. Each participating student Andovsr encouraged to have an adult member of the community present as Sex personal in Andover. The CCC will, at all times during the process, maintain confidentiality to the extent, in its judgment, the situation permits. Supportive Measures. These measures may include, but are not limited to: Findings and Recommendations. The CCC will submit a confidential written report to the dean of students recording oersonal facts it has gathered and summarizing its findings and recommendations.

The CCC coordinator and a dean will share a summary of the findings and recommendations Sex personal in Andover the parties i. Upon the implementation of appropriate remedial measures, the dean of faculty or director of human resources or designeeworking with the CCC as appropriate, will inform individuals directly involved of the outcome of the investigation and whether action has or will be taken.

The Academy reserves the right to act promptly and, if necessary, unilaterally, to end sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, hazing, bullying, and retaliation where such intervention is deemed to be warranted. Review of Findings. Requests for review will only be considered if made in writing to the CCC coordinator within five 5 days of the student learning of the findings. If the Sex personal in Andover party wishes to respond, that party must do so in writing to the CCC coordinator within five 5 days after receiving the written request.

If the request is granted, the matter will be returned to the CCC for reconsideration and will not be subject to further review.

If the request is denied, no further request for review will Sex personal in Andover considered.

Sex personal in Andover Whoever is a principal organizer or participant Sex personal in Andover the crime of hazing, as defined herein, shall be punished by a fine of not more than three thousand dollars or by imprisonment in a house of correction for not more than one year, or both such fine and imprisonment.

Such conduct shall include whipping, beating, branding, forced Notwithstanding any other provisions of this section to Sx contrary, consent shall not be available as a defense to any prosecution under this action.

Whoever knows that another person is the victim of hazing as defined in section seventeen and is at the scene of such crime shall, to the extent that such person can do so without danger or peril to himself or others, report such crime to an appropriate law enforcement official ;ersonal soon as reasonably practicable. Whoever fails to report such crime shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars. Each such group, team, or organization shall distribute a copy of this section and sections seventeen and eighteen to each Sex personal in Andover its members, plebes, pledges, or applicants for membership.

It shall be the duty of each such group, team, or organization, acting through Sex personal in Andover designated officer, to deliver annually, to the institution an attested acknowledgement stating that such group, team, or organization has received a copy of this section and said sections seventeen and eighteen; that each of its member, plebes, pledges, or applicants has received a copy of sections seventeen and eighteen; and that such group, team, or organization understands and agrees to comply with the provisions of this section and sections seventeen and eighteen.

Abuses of Process. Students Sex personal in Andover expected to cooperate fully in an investigation conducted by the Academy; failure to demonstrate such cooperation will lead to separation from the Beautiful lady searching dating Fargo. Abuse of the process, including falsifying information, will Andocer in discipline being imposed, up to and including dismissal from school. In addition, because candor and honesty are essential to the investigation and remediation process, they are required of all participants, including third-party witnesses.

Respect for Shared Environment The dormitory buildings are year-round homes to personql and their families and become home away from home for boarding students while school is in session. Sex personal in Andover

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In order to ensure that dormitories are welcoming, comfortable, and safe environments in which to live and study, Sex personal in Andover residents and Anxover to dorms are expected to treat all buildings, furnishings, and inhabitants with care and respect. Sex personal in Andover for the safety and well-being of dormitory residents and for the preservation of an academic environment is central. House counselors, in consultation with the cluster dean, may make dorm-specific guidelines.

The Trustees of Phillips Andkver approved a new Strategic Plan in that includes the nAdover institutional directive to create a climate action plan CAPas well as a Campus Master Plan in that emphasizes sustainable practices and growth on campus. The CAP and other environmental stewardship initiatives are managed by perrsonal Sex personal in Andover Steering Committee SSCa diverse group that includes the chief operating and financial officer; dean of students; director and associate director of facilities; dean of policy and strategic planning; senior manager—campus design, sustainability, and grounds; and the campus sustainability coordinator.

Materials and examples currently being used are dated and not very relatable, especially when it comes to personsl media. When discussing unhealthy relationships young people want to hear from other young people, to bring the advice and support they are being told Sex personal in Andover life.

Young people should be taught up to date tech information regarding apps and social media platforms used by young people Callicoon center NY bi horney housewifes, and also social and emotional strategies to keep safe and healthy with technology.

Latest News. Preparations for D-Day 75 underway in Portsmouth.

County Lines: Working closely with the National Crime Agency against serious and organised Swx. PCC invites the community to vote on local project to receive funding.

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Not in Andover? School At Andover, students spend an average of four hours on homework per day. Overall Gender Class. Wellness On average, Andover students sleep Sex personal in Andover over 6. Overall By class. Overall Senior Upper Lower Junior. Man Woman. Sex At Andover, Alcohol Tobacco Juul Marijuana. Andovre No drug usage Drug usage.