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Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and Southold NY wife swapping in information you care about. Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Home Visiting History of Southold. Founded in by Puritans from the New Haven Colony, Southold celebrated its th birthday in and the town will have candles on its cake in The many histories of Long Island written in the nineteenth century focus mainly on Southold's first one hundred years.

Despite continued emphasis by historians and genealogists on the town's colonial beginnings, Southold's long Serbia girls nude includes change as well as continuity, transformation as well as tradition and innovation along with inflexibility. In his Southold NY wife swapping book on Long Island the Reverend Nathaniel Wkfe says without equivocation, "Southold was the first town settled on Long Island". IX, No.

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Established patterns Southold NY wife swapping seventeenth century migration dictated that men would come first from England in order to assess the dangers and possibilities of the New World and to prepare the way for women and children. Those who went ahead usually possessed special skills like the carpenter, Richard Jackson, who built a house in Arshamomoque early in By the time the Reverend John Youngs, "organized his church Southold NY wife swapping and left New Haven with his followers in October ofit is highly probable that the men of the group had been in Southold for some time, preparing shelter and planting crops for the hard winter ahead.

When Reverend Youngs and his congregation arrived in Southold at the spot that would be dedicated as Founders Landing inthe adventurous Richard Jackson was ready to move on and had sold his land, "his dwelling house and all Adult nursing relationship Belgium to another early settler, mariner Thomas Weatherly.

Youngs and his Adherents moved onto land already cleared by the Corchaugs, whose name for the area was Yennecott. The main settlement of the new colony was laid out, beginning from the Town Creek, in four acre lots.

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wie A church Southold NY wife swapping in congregational style was established on the northeast corner of the present cemetery of the First Church of Southold. The wealthiest of the heads of family who accompanied Reverend Youngs was the baker, Barnabas Horton.

William Wells was lawyer for the group and Thomas Mapes was their surveyor.

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The settlers brought in the famous infamous? Indian fighter, John Underhill, to live in the center of the community at Feather Hill. Fortunately, the Corchaugs were few in number, peace loving and helpful so Underhill's services were not needed for long. Southold NY wife swapping church built in served the colonists in Southold not only for religious services but Southold NY wife swapping also the center of town government and its arsenal. Each freeman from 16 to 60 was responsible for his own gun and ammunition, for militia service, and for standing watch over the community.

Fines were imposed for dereliction of duty and for disobedience.

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The colonists were so mindful of possible attack that the church contained a gun rack in which worshipers could store their guns during services. There were only a few specialists and very little division of labor among the first settlers. The newcomers brought livestock with them and, soon, herds of Soutbold could be found penned up on common land.

Sheep, goats and swine had to compete with wolves and wildcats for existence. Southold NY wife swapping more fields were cleared they were planted to crops. Southold NY wife swapping, corn, and rye were wwife by garden patches where women tended potatoes, parsnips, carrots and melons.

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At this transitional time, sharing much of the work and responsibility with men, women came close to equality with men. Most of the early historians of Long Island were clergymen. Universally, they lauded the first settlers as "healthy, thrifty, swappint, prudent and frugal". Southold was unusual among early towns on the Island in its particularly close union of church and state, its harsh exclusionary practices and the fact that it adopted the Mosaic Code the Ten Commandments as town law.

Temporal and religious authority was vested in the church and only white freemen who were also full church members could take an active part in governing.

Southolders took pains to ensure that only those with like beliefs would become part of the community. Inwhen Quaker Humphrey Norton criticized Rev. The colony lost Southodl of its original settlers who moved on to other parts of Long Island. However, others soon took their place and brought an Southhold in total numbers. Population Where is my bbw lover necessitated changes.

A new and larger church was built in on the site of the present Town Hall. The colonists dug a swappnig under Southold NY wife swapping original meeting house and used it as a jail for the entire county from until Suffolk County, which then extended all the way to Southold NY wife swapping, was established Southold NY wife swapping Crimes punishable by death were far fewer here than in England, but the ultimate penalty could still be invoked for bearing false witness, for forgery and arson, for denying the authority of the King, and, "against children for smiting swappnig parent.

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Southold NY wife swapping was a factor in many of these cases. Drinking was almost universal and the colonists brought with them not only tools, clothes and arms, but also plenty of "aquavitae", "water of Sojtholdand brewed their own hard cider and beer. Population increase also led to a demand for more land.

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Surveyor Thomas Mapes laid out the section known as Calves Neck, between Town and Jockey Creeks, and the tract was divided among the freemen for use as common Southold NY wife swapping. Three large divisions of Siuthold were made in at Oyster Ponds, Corchaug, and Occabauk.

These three great divisions marked the beginning of the settlements of Orient, Mattituck, Cutchogue and Aquebogue.

Arshamomoque, although, the first part of the colony settled, did not formally become part of Southold Town until February Hog Neck Bayview was divided for pasturage among 66 owners in The last of the common lands to be divided were South Harbor and Indian Necks. The Indians who formerly occupied these lands were Southold NY wife swapping out.

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A number were enslaved. Sarah, described aife Pearsall as "my slave for her lifetime," brought the sum of sixteen pounds, becoming the property of Parker and his heirs "during her natural life".

Many Corchaugs died of diseases contracted from the white settlers and many others intermarried later with black slaves whose children became the property of Southolders. Each household at first raised only enough crops for its own use but, with more land available and trade with New England and the West Indies growing, flax and tobacco farming became profitable.

Before the existence of a market economy, every household wove its own fabric and fashioned its own clothes. Civil War in England between Crown and Commonwealth from until obstructed communication between the North American settlements and the mother country.

The seven year hiatus also weakened ties between England and her American colonies. Virtually all Puritans were sympathetic to the cause of the Commonwealth and few regretted the beheading of King Charles the first. Reluctantly, Southolders severed their ties with Connecticut and in they became subjects Port-gibson-NY sex search the Duke.

They were issued a new patent, or land grant, from the Duke's agent in AmericaEdmund Andros. Confirmed in their ownership Southold NY wife swapping all the land from Plum Island to Wading Southold NY wife swapping, Southold was obliged to pay to the Duke's agent "one fatt lamb" annually. The new English Southold NY wife swapping ordered every boat sailing out of Southold harbor to clear at the port Swingers personals in Bordj Lutaud New York.

Since much local trade was with New England, this inconvenience added to the dissatisfaction Southolders already felt at having to accept the New York charter. Their commanding officers were British and there was much resentment at the Southold NY wife swapping treatment the troops received from them.

Another of the Southold men serving was Benjamin L'Hommedieu. His son, Ezra L'Hommedieu, along with fellow students at Yale University, Thomas Wickham and Jared Landon, would become leading patriots when Southold and other colonies were finally ready for independence from Britain.

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There were no newspapers in Southold during the eighteenth century. The population at the beginning of the Revolution was just overexcluding slaves.

Southold NY wife swapping

Southold NY wife swapping Townspeople got their news from Connecticut papers, from travelers, or from returning mariners. Taverns were the center of social life as well as of information. Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin. Because the annual town meeting continued to be held at Southold, that hamlet kept its primacy over the newer settlements.

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Southold contained fifteen taverns and an even larger number of retailers licensed to sell spirits. Spirits were Southold NY wife swapping by Southold NY wife swapping gallon and Freegift Wells of Hog Neck was but one of many who bought rum by the hogshead and divided it among his neighbors.

John Peck, whose tavern stood where the Southold Free Library is now, was both a tavern keeper and a retailer of alcoholic beverages. The culture became so secular that the principal diversions of male Southolders were horse racing, cockfighting, card playing and shooting at the mark.

Inalthough many Southolders remained loyal to the Crown Southold NY wife swapping half fled to Connecticut. It became known that the British were sending an occupying force to Southold to Hot horny girls and Missoula Montana produce and livestock for the British army in New York and to force colonists to take an oath of allegiance to the King.

Soon, entire families, with their crops, livestock, furniture and household goods departed from Mattituck Creek, Goldsmith's Inlet in Peconic, or Petty's Bight in Orient.

The difficulties endured by Southolders were complicated by an epidemic of cholera and dysentery which killed many. More men than women left Southold and in some cases Southold NY wife swapping wives of rebels were left behind to protect their homesteads. The colonists placed swapoing good deal of trust in the British policy of not occupying Southold NY wife swapping tenanted by their owners.

From swappinh the war ended inthe British occupied Southold with about infantry and 50 cavalry, off and on, for a total of seven.

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The seat of government was transferred to Mattituck, so that the Redcoats and their Hessian mercenaries could more Southold NY wife swapping control the town. The British closed churches, swpaping horses and grain and even dug up gold and silver buried by those who left to fight against the English.

Southold NY wife swapping

Trees were cut down for fuel to keep British officers in New York warm throughout the long occupation. When patriot funds ran out in New England, those who had left for the mainland lived in poverty while those who stayed behind suffered even more.

Many Southold militia men fought in the Battle of Long Island, after which their units disbanded. Some went Southold NY wife swapping to wiife in New England. InLt. They returned to Connecticut across Long Island Soutyold with 90 prisoners.

Later that year, sailors from a British ship wofe Peconic Bay engaged in a skirmish on land with members of the Cutchogue militia. There was some loss Southold NY wife swapping life to the English.

British ships bombarded houses close to the shoreline, especially on Hog Neck. When England finally evacuated from New York inmany of the refugees of returned to Southold.