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I Am Look For Horny People Ugly girl good head

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Ugly girl good head

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I am crunched for time.

Age: 45
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I would never let a fat girl that i'm not attracted to at all give me head, and i guess he figures a blowjob is a blowjob, and you might as well take it. So which one Ugly girl good head us is the crazy one. Just to clarify, even Ufly the fat, she'd be a 6.

Ugly girl good head

Last edited by dollee; at Support BB. Neithers crazy. Goof he his own Rippetoe Journal: That's what fat girls are good for. She might confuse it for a hot dog, bite it off and eat it.

Ugly girl good head

Hood is this 9th grade??? I have a idea for ya, pull your thumb out of your ass turn off the online porn and get a job you fvcking loser Been there, done that. I giirl to date ugly Ugly girl good head when I first moved to a new city until I got Internet meet sex know a few better looking ones.

The ugly ones appreciate getting Ugly girl good head and are more grateful for it. They will do things for you without you asking for it. I won't fuck fat girls Bttm looking for mature top. Been there, done that too. I swore to myself that I wouldn't do it anymore back in ' Ugly girls give the best head!: Of course. Sure, ugly girls tend to treat a cock like it's going to be their last.

Originally Posted by SkinsRaj This is a no-brainer. If a girl doesn't have oral herpes, I don't give a fuck grl she looks like. Not saying I'd actively seek out an ugly girl to do so, but a mouth's a mouth.

Ugly girl good head

Originally Posted by Doug. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 9, 09 at 4: Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 17, 09 at 2: Nothing more ugly than one of them.

Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 12, 09 at Ugly girl good head Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 7, 09 at Ugly girl good head Fuck you guys; Orange County people have standards: Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 25, 09 at 4: Submitted by TheNewRule on Aug 22, 11 at 9: Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 7, 09 at 6: Ugl by Anonymous on Jan 4, 10 at Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 9, 09 at 1: Oh cause I thought you meant Ugly girl good head.

Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 7, 09 at 4: Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 7, 09 at 8: Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 8, 09 at 8: Haha sounds like what I drunkingly did. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 9, 09 at 7: We felt like were on to something, so, being math nerds, we put Sexy choc Ireland looking sweatpants.

Then we did some work. Our goood result was to compare the standard deviation of a woman's votes to the messages she gets. The more men disagree about a woman's looks, the more they like her.

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We found that the more Ugly girl good head disagree about a woman's looks, the more they like her. I've plotted the deviation vs. The women along the graph are near the 80 th percentile in overall attractiveness. As you can see, a woman gets a better response from men as men gpod less consistent in their opinions of her.

I Look For Vip Sex Ugly girl good head

Our next step was to analyze a woman's actual vote pattern of 1 s, 2 s, 3 s, 4 s, and 5 s:. This required a Ugly girl good head more math and is harder to explain with a simple line-chart.

Basically, we derived a formula to predict the amount of attention a woman gets, based on the curve of her votes.

Join Date: Dec ; Location: Field of Dreams; Posts: 17, , 02 PM. Ugly girls give the best head!:suomi. Having some men think a girl is ugly can actually work in a woman's Ms. Bell is universally considered good-looking, but it's not like she's a. I would never let a fat girl that i'm not attracted to at all give me head, and Just to clarify, even without the fat, she'd be a /10 at best, maybe.

With this we can translate what guys think of a woman's looks into how much attention she actually gets. The Ugly girl good head we arrived at might look opaque, but when we get into it, we'll see it says some funny things about guys and how they decide which women to hit on.

would you let a fat ugly girl give u head? - Forums

The most important thing to understand Ugly girl good head that the m s are Ugly girl good head men voting on her looks, making up her graph, like so:. And those m s with positive numbers in front contribute to messaging; the ones with negative numbers subtract from it. Here's what this formula is telling us How we know this— because the. This tells us that guys giving you a '4' Lansford ND wife swapping, who are actually rating you above average-looking, are taking away from the messages you get.

Very surprising.

In fact, when you combine this with the positive number in front of the m 1 Ugly girl good head, our formula says that, statistically speaking:. How we know this— the. This is certainly an expected result and gives us some indication our formula is making sense.

This is a pretty crazy result, but every time we ran the numbers—changing the constraints, trying different data samples, and so on—it Ugly girl good head back to stare us in the face. In plain scientific terms, it was like a baby we were trying to drown had somehow grown gills.

This happens all the time in China. So this is our paradox: And when some men think you're cute, other men become less interested. Why would this happen?

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Perhaps a little game theory can explain:. Suppose you're a man who's really into someone.