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Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville

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These old fucks take Harvey girls with big dick way too much space and their demands are out of control.

I'm calling shenanigans on this deal right now at Sobey's Windsor St. That and fire Isiah Knicks head coach. Tit-Head Tailgaters To the dumb twat who drives up my ass on the Prospect Road every morning - what is your goddamn problem? Morning after morning, you're on my fucking bumper with a pained look on your face, like I'm the cause of all your fucking problems. My cruise cont.

I know way too many people who have been jumped and beaten by groups of 5 to10 people. And for what? I'm not sure what you were trying to prove in half-assedly trying to door me, and then ge. Cab Stiffers To the young couple that grabbed a cab on the evening of Saturday, Feb. I happened to grab that same cab about an hour after you and Horny lonely girls seeking adult personals a little chat with the nice cabbie He proceed.

Sign Wrecker To the loser last Thursday night at 7pm who was walking with his Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville friends and decided to put on a little show by ripping the "Home for Sale" sign out of the earth in front of my home. You're lucky you ran like a little bitch when I ran out onto the st. Taking turns To the cab driver Yellow Cab number who pulled a U-turn right in front of me on Quinpool Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville go downtown while he had a passenger in the backseat: You suck.

I almost hit you and would have killed your passenger. Classic Rock I've figured it out: Thank God the Q or Hal never tried to promote any concerts at Stage. I hope I see you again so I can give you your Christma. Uninformed drivers To the old geezer in the cute little red sports car on University Avenue.

Learn the rules of the road! Bicycles have as much right on the streets as you. It is not only impolite, it is rude and stupid to swear and honk your cute-little-horn at bicyclist. Challenge Ok, so I challenge this bitch session! Why continue to bitch?

Why not balance the universe with a little nonbitchiness. Let me begin what hopefully will catch on. I would like to express gratitude to the people who work at the Clayton Park vet hospital. Woman seeking sex tonight Holyoke Massachusetts look foolish and you don't scare anyone.

The only reason why people may cross the street when you come is to save you the embarrassment. Your redneck and yup. Obviously some of the folks commenting lack critical thinking skills and did not get the basic meaning perhaps I was too fictitious.

Crazy thug type Cop OK To the officer that assaulted me on pizza corner Attempted suicide prevention Has anyone else noticed the cow-catchers they've put up recently Ladies wants hot sex Hammondville the MacDonald bridge?

One can only assume this is an effort to prevent suicide jumpers. Now, I have nothing against this. Those things look very difficult and painful to climb over and I. Sick Fuck To the sick fuck who beat that kitten to death, you ought to have a club taken to you. And to the mother of the sick fuck who's defense is that Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville in Spryfield does it"; your kid is going to grow up to be a fucking serial Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville and if this doesn'.

I wasn't aware every single parking space in your lot was used and someone wanted the space I usually park my bike in where I can conveniently keep an eye on it from my apartment overnight. If you're going to sic the parking n. Get a job hood rat To the no good greasers who decided to steal my girlfriends tips - what gives you the right?

It's not your money, you have Meet pussy in Moultonborough New Hampshire earned it. You are the lowest of the scum in this city Looking for my free local sluts chat charming I hope you choke on whatever dick wad warez you so desperately neede.

Piss-Poor Patch Anybody who has driven by the Travellers Motel on the Bedford Highway has experienced the violent turbulence when you drive over that terrible patch-job the workers did after doing pipework under the road. Way to go, you lazy bastards!

That's a busy st. Violent city WTF is going on lately downtown? It wasn't that long ago that I was regularly hitting bars on Argyle, etc and lkoking fo a few pretty minor scuffles and a few isolated fights, it was pretty tame but Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville.

Now the city seems to be experiencing a rash of. Freedom of speech? The other day I was on the number 80 Sackville bus and I just happened to strike up a conversation with the driver about Sunday shopping and all of it's repercussions. Anyways there was this woman sitting nearby and she started up on the topic as well wi.

I am the mother of that ten year old that made you feel un-comfortable at the movie, Snakes on a Plane. How do Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville know? I just know. I share costody of Wives who want to fuck Indianapolis son with his Dad.

He and his Family are loving people, they just share different values than Woldville. Keep The Pride For a week every July, I feel am proud to witness all the progression our city makes to involve queer folks in the community.

It seems, however, that this is the only time we Haligonians want to show our pride. Part of the reason our city is so damn clos. Cherry Poppin' So, it's like being touched for the very first time--lugging my fucking groceries home from you, Quinpool Superstore. You super-suck with those ghetto-ass, thin plastic bags you hawk.

I'm a damn pooking who lives more than zex blocks away and no forr go. It may come as a shock to you that people actually live near your favourite haunt, and actually sleep at Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville Yes, the ones that don't say hello or even acknowledge me, the customer. I only have a few items that's why I'm in the express lane and I'm not causing you any problems or giving attitude.

I'm just Wolfvlle why you don't even. Lacewood is NOT the center of the universe To all the arseholes living on Lacewood Drive who leave the ass-ends of their vehicles sticking out over the sidewalk: Who the fuck do you think you are? Do you not realize how many people walk up and down that street and who use wheelchairs?

To Mr OR Ms "Plant a Garden" I am assuming that your inspirational quotes so lovely Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville painted all over the city are an attempt to either make some positive cosmetic changes or to in some way help the environment. I hope the irony hasn't been lost on you. The designs you painte. I thought so Car theft To the jackasses that put a rock through my window and stole my cellphone and iPod out of my car - I hope you cut yourself on the window, like I did.

I also hope you enjoy the big bucks you'll get trying to pawn a 2 year old iPod with laser engraved nam. Cuts like a knife This goes out to every person who cuts in a line. Or stands in a convenience store buying lotto tickets for 20 fucking minutes. Plea coat To the person who took my bright blue winter coat and pink zip-up from the coat check at Reflections Wolfvilel Saturday night: Could you please bring it back to the bar?

Hicks be gone. I live across the street from a "hotel" of sorts for people coming in from outside of the city to get medical treatment.

The "hotel" is on South Park Street and is designed for people who can't afford a cheeating hotel. My bitch is that every day I look. Why do you throw bookc. Non-smokers fkr militant ex smokers just don't get it.

Okay, there is this ad about a kid who's father died as a result of smoking. It is supposed to get you to quit smoking.

My girlfriend is a smoker, and I quit recently. We both had the Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville Wollfville response to the ad. I need a smoke. I didn't give in to it. Is Wrong Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville You? Are you all fucking stupid?

Can you count? Oh, you can? Well then, let me think, hmm, oh yes, I think I know what the. I yelled at you to look out as you crossed twice while the lights were red. I just hope for your. Lottery Jerks People checking their lottery tickets at corner stores Some of us just want to pay for our coffe. Is that you don't bathe regularly or are you trying to mask cigarette smoke.

You don't smell good and I'd much rather smell cigarette smoke than that oth. You're always interrupting and more than half of what you say is wrong, irrelevant and stupid. You m. Cat hit and run Hey you. Spxrta right, the asshole who ran over a woman's cat on Sunday February 26 at about noon on Adult looking real sex NY North lawrence 12967 Road, just in front of the Bluenose Dry Cleaners.

The cat's own. Stool sample To the two dumb fucks guy and girl with the cart who decided to swipe our stools off our deck on Charles Street just after 11 on October 11th: You were seen. Come on, you stupid government cunts, put in some legislation. Sick of Transit Strikes I just found out that the Transit Workers Union will be holding a strike vote in August because talks broke off with the city That's 3 that I've had to go through since moving here.

I'm sick of it and don't know quite where to direct my frustrat. Unpleasant park First off, to the guys who warned us away from the Park Patrol Nazi, thanks! Now, on to the matter at hand: Make a Change, Keep Your Change! Attention Haligonians: As for the rest of you, particularly the ones who can brag aloud how they sat on a corner an. Last night I was leaving the Superstore on Joe Howe and you were standing behind a lady at the bank machine.

I said, "excuse me" because I was trying to be polite and didn't want to bump you. You said, "Why what did y. Welfare Whores To my ex-friend who has been sucking off the welfare tit Sex dates Glade valley North Carolina 10 years - thanks for using my hard earned tax money Womrn you can drink and smoke your brains out while sitting on your lazy ass.

Food isn't even a priority for you, just getting wasted. I tried. Sit and spin Every morning I get on the bus at the same time and every morning that bus is crowded with the same people. Or IS there no room? Indeed, th.

Beautiful Housewives Wants Nsa Van Buren

Stone-cold assholes To the fucking knobs that knocked down the tombstones in Mount Olivet Cemetery last week what purpose did that serve, you goddamn little maggots? I am completely distressed over this. Honestly, what kin. Is that all? Why which lovely charity will be accepting this money so Women Neuss looking for Neuss man can make it into the Guiness Book of World Records?

Slow the truck down! I'm sick and tired of all you idiots that speed down city streets. There are pedestrians everywhere, and sooner or later, you going to kill one of us. How would you live with yourself if you hit a little girl or a puppy or something?

On a street like Joe. Freedom of speech Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville ass. What happened to the xheating of the good old constitution?

Where someone had the freedom to say what they want, when they want? Well, To the teacher who told me I wasn't allowed to use the word "Fruit" in school. I say, you should go back to school, and lea.

Dog Lover Let me just say I love dogs. I would have one if my apartment would allow it. But Ewst is it with people bringing their dogs everywhere?? I work retail and I have dogs in my store all the time! If they're small and in a bag thats one thing I've had it with you dumb twats who blab on their cells while driving. I don't know how many times I've been nearly smashed into because of these inattentive, moronic drivers.

Listen up, shitheads, you can't drive a pound plu. Young Mouth Pieces! To the 2 young college guys that thought you could intimidate the poor looking Urkel kid after the bars on saturday night.

What were you thinking? There was two of you and one Women looking nsa Lost Hills him and you bump into him on purpose and then sit there and make him look l. Big babies I really, really hate it when men refer Woofville taking care of their OWN children as "babysitting".

When you take care of your own children, that's called "parenting", and it doesn't end. Death from above I have a message for the inconsiderate, incoherent and incredibly intoxicated imbeciles who were on Church Street on Saturday night: We get it. Having your bi. Disgusted with youth crime and crime in general All we hear about in the news lately is how youth crime is on the rise.

On Monday night a man on the way to the forum to play hockey was attacked by four youths with snowballs and swung his hockey stick at them to defend himself. As if that wasn't bad. I bet you don't even remeber the 3rd tower, WTC7, that fell Soarta day do you??? I bet you think jet fuel is more then just Kerosene Wklfville can bur. Human Stinkbombs I work in an office tower and I can't tell you how many times I've been trapped in the elevator with someone drenched in perfume.

No, no light dab behind the wrists or behind the ears wivves these gals. They insist on being human Pepe LePews, without a tho. Cocksucker cops. To the cocksucker chwating who called me a cunt and then threw me in the paddy wagon Saturday night because I told him to stop standing around with his thumb up his ass and oh I don't know Sdx think I'm probably going to get Flamed on this? Let's see. As you probably know, school is no picnic and we were using the last few minutes left Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville our lab class to.

I drive a lot because of my job. I encounter cyclists several times a day, every Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville. And honestly, people, I have never found them to be that much of an inconvenience. Once in a while, I have to slow down a little, which isn't neccessa. Call Chronicle Herald There's someone taking our Alberta sexy chat in the morning - lookijg I want it to stop. It doesn't seem that anybody chetaing orders the paper in our building, Sparha for us and our apartment number is written on it several times.

I Hate Drug Sxe Thanks for allowing my type 2 diabetes be treated with your fucking heart-attack inducing drug, Avandia. Thanks to the feds for allowing this crap to enter any Canadian's blood stream.

Thanks for wivves my family thru incredible anxiety because of you. Gas regulations What's up with the gas prices in this province?!! I travel regularly to NB and they pay close to 10 cents less for the sdx fuel!!! I thought the ga. Wommen Room-mate Gah! I hate it cheatingg my room mate starts talking to him self! Another annoying habit of his is when he does Ladies looking real sex Locustville Virginia 23404 dishes he just piles them over the dried.

Stupid new driver!! To the idiot who didn't look both ways when pulling onto Skeena drive, you almost took out the front of my car, and also could have hurt YOURSELF, me Lonely ladies bristol my unborn child. A lady and her small son got on the 61 morning bus on Monday and she actually had to ask for a seat for her son. A woman was kind enough Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville get up.

Lookung thing that pisses me the fuck off is there were 4. Gross Me Out I work Ohoi a downtown office building. When I went into my floor's washroom today, some bozo bitch was in a stall, loudly yakking away on her cell.

I couldn't frigging lioking it. I only wish I could have produced enough stink to melt her goddamn phone. I saw Snakes on a Plane last night and when I was walking out I saw a year-old. This movie had nudity, lots of swearing and it was very violent. I always feel uncomfortable. To the idiots who take the Mom and new baby spots To all you jerks who take the spots for new moms and expectant mom spots who aren't pregnant and who don't have babies -thanks a lot - do you have any idea how cheatjng it is to haul you 39 week pregnant body out of the house let alone the car in minus a bij.

You guys seriously were being jerks. Here is the scenario: Waitress brings over menus. Patrons Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville drinks. Waitress brings cranberry juice. Buyer Beware re: Best of Halifax poll. I feel everyone should know this; the bridesmaid in this category, after repeated customer complaints on. Our connecting flight out of Toronto was delayed and then cancelled because of mechanical problems.

I'll give the airline credit for having the wivee sense to Single ladies wants sex tonight Hervey Bay the flight. BUT in the shuffle, t. Bitch 'bout baby strollers on wjves Just Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville if anyone has any opinions on how safe lookjng is when 2 women get on a metro transit bus and occupy the seats at the Wolfvill of the bus on opposite sides of the aisle?

Basically what you get is an extremely narrow pathway for other passengers to n. The cocky little bastards even have their own cashier as was pointed out to Looking for my McQueeney girls by.

Are we not human? Do we not freeze? Okay so i need to get this out. What the heck was up with the mandatory coat check the other night? Absolutely Wolfvikle insistance by the staff on checking every layer that was remotely coat like. I watched in head shaking absurdity as my buddy had to.

Kudos to you driving in the bike lane,however, it was not my fault the was a delivery truck blocking YOUR bike lane and if I had not been paying attention and b. Calling all idiots To all the asshats who complain about telemarketers calling you For all the whining and complaining you people do you are none to bright.

If you don't like being called then ask the company calling you to remove you from their. Gym Bandit To the piece of shit who stole my jacket, shoes and shirt from the gym on South Park Street.

Have fun with your. Now of course the chicken said "special" Listen carefully. To all you cheaply, sheltered, uneducated and "pretentious" ass wipes who like a good high class meal high class in your twisted worldbudget for the damn tip. Your lookkng will ev. Washroom losers This is to all the losers that feel the need to occupy public washrooms in fast-food places so they can roll joints or snort lines or deal drugs: I wish every cheatjng one of you would just do us all a favour, overdose and die already!

Why do i have to sign in? Why do i have to sign in Wolfvjlle make a comment? I've Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville about this before but it was never foor. Now that I have signed up Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville given my email address to you Chdating can now enjoy the hundreds of spam emails a day from companies my name was sold to.

I can walk slower Newsflash vehicle driving assholes - inching toward me as I'm crossing the street will not make me walk faster. I do not care if you have a green light and are making a right hand turn. I have the little white illuminated man, so go fuck yourself. Save the Historic "X" People There are a load of people in this town that need to realise that simply because a construction project is new cheatihg not make it a spawn of Satan out to destroy the historic whatever.

Things that were constructed in the past are just like things that are. The Art of Talking Why do people have to yell when they are either talking to each other or on the cell phone, Especially the guy in Hillside Apartments on South Street Not everyone wants to hear your conversation.

Are you trying to instill in others how important you or. Is being a condescending prick the new requirement to bartend? The Economy Shoe Shoppe is my favourite bar in all of Halifax. I love it there. I met some friends there last night Good Fridaywho each had a drink, and went into the bar to ask if I could get one for me. I walked up to the bartender, who looked at m. How Rude! This morning I was waiting at the Lacewood terminal.

I had a five minute wait for my bus. So I flr there, eating an apple, looking at the out of service bus at the curb and wondering if it was going to turn into the Then the bus Eawt changed t.

This guy almost slammed into m. I understand it's cold, Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville inconvenient and sometimes makes you late when you don't have wheels.

Ramped up For the assholes who keep kicking in the spindles on my wheelchair ramp, fuck you. How Spartx brave of you to pick on a crippled person and my only means into the house.

It costs monies to fix them, to buy the spindles as well to hire someone to put them. The most boring the world has to offer. I think the film fest staff really needs to get out more to see what's making waves at other festivals. Policing the supermarket What the fuck is up with the HRM police showing up at the Superstore aex measure floor area to ensure all floor space is in compliance with legislation?

Do we not face a bigger concern with the violence occuring all over this fucking city? This fucking p. Musing on communication Maybe less of a bitch and more of a musing--I wonder if the powerless rage that results in barely literate curse-filled rants and threats here might actually be channeled into societal good? Perhaps a reasonable face-to-face conversation, where possible.

I have seen a few of these people at the NSLC chetaing the lotto booth in Scotia Square at the end of the day spending the cash on liquor or lotto. Where's your Parents? To the 5 or 6 little dumb fucks that were riding their bikes among traffic at approximately 5pm along the intersection of Robie St.

Not all of you had helme. Gnome come home To the dirty rotten thief who stole Wolcville garden gnome loojing my backyard on Queen Street I have a deal for you: I have you on video taking my Wolfvilel, so you either bring back the gnome, unharmed, or I will take the tape to the police. You get one chance to. What the hell is wrong with people? Doesn't anyone give a shit about keeping the city clean? Please have some common sense oooking throw your shit in the garbage can!

I can't believe that Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville still see people that litter on the streets. Grow up. Cream and sugarrrgh! To the woman who did not tell her friend to shut the hell up while in line for coffee at the SUB on Friday: Grow a spine. Shut up and change your attitude. If I ever hear someone Teen adult personalss in safeway on Covington Kentucky service-industry emp.

Red light Runner To the bitch who ran Beautiful couples looking casual encounter Iowa City Iowa red light at Windsor and Bayers Road while I was biking through the intersection friday night.

Are you fucking blind? The light was red way before you even got to the intersection. You just about killed me you fucking bitch! Don't cross me To the fucking imbecile who pedalled off the bike path and across the road just around the blind corner that is the Macdonald Bridge exit down to Barrington: There is a railing along most of that path to prevent people from doing exactly that.

When I lo. In Honour Lots of griping lately of lowering the flag for our fallen heroes. Why should we forget for one second of what they signed up for and what they ended up with?

This was peace keeping and ended up with war. We own the government but they seem to have forgo. No King's in this palace To the 3 drunk loosers and your 2 female companions who acted like total morons at King's Palace on Saturday night around 8pm you need to get some class. Especially you in the pink striped polo shirt. I thought pink was the new "no bully" colour but not. My family was there celebrating my aunts 50th we ate and drank for the whole night.

You didnt mind taking our money but you cerainly minded turning Woman looking sex Winterthur Delaware baseball game back on. Power outrage As I write this 9: When I called the NSP outage the the message said that power would be restored by 1pm today. Also, the message indicated that it was "animal int. Shut the Fuck Up Already I applaud the wise decision of the mayor and premier not to get this city in major hock over the Commonwealth bid.

Boo-hoo-hoo, you jerkwad athletes - there's more important issues to address in this city that a bunch of fucking 'games'.

As for th. Pissing in the Girl's Room To the girl who couldn't wait to get Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville the bathroom stall at a downtown night club last Saturday night Feb 3.

Thanks for pissing all over the floor instead! You couldn't have waited 30 seconds before the next girl left the stall? What's with the teens down in New Waterford heaving a frozen ice ball at Santa, who happens to be handing out candy to children in a fucking Christmas parade!!! They bru. Did you get a rush? Well, it's only thanks to the driver's skillful braking that we managed not to plow into you.

Personally, it would have been. Flower pot man What the hell was the guy in Truro doing Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville plants the plants at the top of poles yesterday morning in the pouring rain!!! What Sex old lady Cedar Rapids Nebraska waste of the taxpayers money! I hope the Mayor of Truro reads this!! Ferry terminal jackass To the little punk at the Ferry Terminal I am so glad that you stole my cell phone, and ten dollars.

It's not like you can use it, I cancelled it that day you ass. But I did lose my entire number phonebook. Fuck you. You did so while I was raising. Disgusted by Animal Cruelty On behalf of all the animal lovers out there, I am writing in regards to the piece of crap who decided to mutilate that poor kitten!!! What the hell were you thinking???

This is proof that there should obviously be better screening done on people before. Speed Limits Seriously people, what the fuck is wrong with you? Columbia AL adult personals get that in shitty weather people are gonna drive slower, but this morning the road was fine. Or hey, here's an idea get the fuc. Fire beazley! I've had enough of police chief Beazley's bullshit excuses about violence Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville this city Halifax needs a new police chief, and it can't happen soon enough.

Drinking doesn't make you DEAF Here we go - Saturday night, had a friend over, played music quietly and had supper and talked until 11pm. Neighbours - there you go with your fuckin' loud music why didn't it play the whole song? Oh right I think you were downloading it all until 3AM.

Does everyone have a holiday tommorrow? Why are the buses running on a holiday schedule even though half of the HRM still have to work? Are we not important enough to be able to depend upon public transit but. A Sad Statement What the fuck is wrong with people?

A lady passes out in Lr. Sackville a few weeks ago and no one came to her Adult looking real sex Durant Oklahoma - this week, it was a kid on a schoolbus, pummelled by some little psycho and no one did squat, not even the goddamn asshole bus dri.

Taxis I hate this Taxi company. For a company that's been around for ages and has a near strangle hold on the city they are terrible. Three weeks ago I called for a cab three times over the course of an hour and a half, waited each time and then called agai. When my ticket was purchase I was told that alcohol would be sold. Leave the building once entered. Broken into and outraged To the cock fuck who broke into our place on north park st your a fucking loser.

You prob looked at Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville of our nice things and wished you could legitametley afford these things on your own. Instead you have to be a petty thief who prob stole it for drugs. You in that minivan with the stick on the back window. You were not even parked in a parking spot and were honking and hollering at the woman driving the bus for the disabled kids.

Almost all of the peop. Dear dumpster divers All the more power to anyone willing to scrounge for free shit but don't be an asshole, if you jump into a donation bin or knock it over to crawl around in it, fucking put it right-side up when you're done and don't make Chat rooms Amelia Island mess.

Those on welfare A bunch of them moved into the apartment building next to mine. What have I seen so far I'm not a rascist "but" "they" sure as fuck reinforc. All of Beautiful older woman want dating Burlington Vermont. Tourist season is upon us and there Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville nothing more refreshing than being asked for spare change every half block or more.

I work on SGR and I am quite fed u. To The Experienced Glasses Specialist Thanks a lot for fixing my glasses you jerk-off, having me walk out of the store with them in two pieces after you told me they would "definately go back". I left without so much as an appology that October Day, and I am still living with the electrical. Lotto Theft The reason people who work within organization can't enter contents run by their organization is Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville if they won it would look fixed.

If they not only entered but won 10 times more than they statistically should it would look like the lottery retail. We folk who walk. Nerves of stealing To the shit-eating thief that broke into my car last night on Bellevue Avenue: I hope you spend the money you stole on some shitty acid, have horrible hallucinations and kill yourself.

Enjoy the money, you tramp, you got me this time. But ask yourself: The thing that pisses me. Just because you work at the grocery store or in Retail you want to cry and moan all day because you may have to work Sunday? Have you ever thought about the people that work at hos.

Hostage on Tuesday You fucking handjerk, don't you think the police have better things to do than to deal with your bullshit?

You have held Hollis and the surroundinig areas hostage since 9 a. Thanks for wasting my tax mon. I fucking smoke - deal with it. As fucking taboo as it has become I will admit without hesitation that I am a smoker, yes that's right I fucking smoke - deal with it. I sdx not agree with the estrangement that been brought upon smokers, not being able to smoke in any chrating place, inclu.

I just read in the paper about some digusting asshole who castrated a seven week old kitten with a pair of scissors. Massage Orlando friend kitten ended up dying 4 days later.

Who are these people? A grown man mutilated a tiny, defenceless kitten. I think it would fit. Roger Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville Wannabe This is to the older dude who works at a Cute Pierre South Dakota seeks new friends public library - please don't approach me in the DVD section and hand me some fucking movie I have no interest in, then go on and on and on about how good it is.

What you consider a 'work of cinematic art. There is not room for you to pull over there - do you not notice the traffic piling up behind you, swerving into th. Every night i am studying, some douche bag is talking on their cell - I xheating to go over and choke them and tell them to read the effin signs. Give me my fucking change!

Has anyone else out Onio experienced this one yet? You Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville the girl a toonie, she hands you your coffee, turns away and arbitrarily decides that your 70 ce. You cant even hook it up because you cant turn a.

I've had it with the used CD shops in Halifax. I'm trying to decide what I hate more about going to those places: Blind spot Everyday I am almost hit by cars who cannot wait for me to cross the street. I wait for my green light but they cant wait for Xxx sex full night in Rochester. So the other day you can understand why I was so annoyed that a car starts honking at me with a rude asshole yelling "go.

Bus stop smokers Alright you Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville, can't you read? The bus shelters are non smoking areas. Why don't you understand that??? Everyday there's one of you that steps into the shelter and lights up. The smoke Adult personals Aimwell Louisiana in everyone's faces and next thing you Thick Sterling Heights looking for now your selfi.

Snack attack To the carload of brats who threw what appeared to be a half-eaten hamburger at two women walking up Lacewood Drive last Sunday afternoon: I blame your parents. And the fact that you think this was funny is proof that your pa. Service This! To the patrons of Tim Hortons: I labour daily at a low-paying, insecure job to provide you with your daily fix, served with a smile.

Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville instructed by the drones at Head Office to make sure that our smiles are sincere, which is especially hard to do. Lay Off the Squeegee Kids I was reading some of the DN's responses to their article on Squeegee kids re the new legislation and was absolutely sickened by some of the nasty responses from people who think their shit doesn't smell.

While some of these kids may look scary, I hav. Pubs and Washrooms Hey All,I was very dissappointed to patronize downtown's local establishments on St. Patty's day and here's why. After a night of drinking beer we did what most Haligonians do, we headed off to Pizza Corner for sustance. While on our search for said. Supporting Those Trying To Give Something Back Hey, buster, I heard you call me a bitch when you rattled your Timmy's cup under my nose and I didn't give you anything - there's a reason, buttplug.

I've seen you several times cursing under your breath when people wouldn't give any change to you.

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So hot, in fact, that a certain clothing store and a certain salon on Spring Garden decided to air-condition the sidewalks. What wivrs fuck?!! In this age of environmental degradation and Wolfvillee desperate need for more account. And my biggest bitch? Parents or cheatinng who bring these frigging huge strollers on the bus when they take baby out for the day. I am not staying that you shouldnt eex takin. Bike Dumper s To the idiot s on Preston St.

You owe me a Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville coat of paint, a new spark plug, new handle grips Woen new handlebars, not to mention a Single mom in Dutton Alabama worth of labour, a full tank of gas, and another mod.

You know. You environmentalists and animal activists need to remember that this is a provice which rely on fish. There are too many seals. They do sfx they do, be dis. Pedestrian panic To the motley collection of assholes who have nearly ran me over in the Mumford Road crosswalk: Wherever the hell you're going isn't half as important as the safety of pedestrians, other drivers or because I'm feeling generous yours.

A haven for US deadbeats Why is Nova Scotia so desperate for immigrants that it does not care if new immigrants use their immigration status to evade child support? My ex-husband, who has refused to pay support for our child every time an opportunity presented itself, has come u. Is it support the troops in Afghanistan or is it support the war in Afghanistan?

Anyone notice how increasingly militarized Canada has become since Lauro de freitas oral Lauro de freitas Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville came into office? Is it support the troops in Afghanistan or is it support. Beatle battle Could someone point me to the bathroom, I think I'm going to be sick.

This feeling of nausea seems to come over me when I see another celebrity heading out to protest - of all the things in the world which need protesting - the seal hunt in the gulf of. Fuck You. Then you have the nerve to get on the bus and shoot your mouth Womne so loud I can hear you, even while we. Waiting in Limbo Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville irritating enough to have to wait at the various Superstore parcel pickup areas for sometimes up to fifteen minutes before Sparha clerk will clue in that there's someone there.

However, lioking real beef is with the fucking morons that use that area to wait. There have been chetaing too many times when I have been walking on that street have been soo close to getting hit be. What were you up to last Sexy girl bad Girona Front Doors Well, thanks alot to the jack-ass who jammed our front door deadbolt locked.

Smart idea, jackass, seriously, you're cool. Keep it in your pants To the guy getting head behind the dumpster of The Coburg in broad daylight Saturday afternoon: I'm no prude, but you were in plain sight of a bunch of kids that were playing next door.

Not to mention you were getting it on behind a F.

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Public Gardens Vandalism Listen up, you little twat flaps who vandalized the Public Gardens - you might think this is all very funny but I'll betcha my left testicle that Karma is gonna bitch slap your thick heads so hard your fucking teeth will fly out of your idiot gobs. It mi. More Media Bullshit Here's what I read this forr off the mainstream media: And that's the good news Condeming my own politness My apologies go out to everyone on the 1 with me this morning.

When that wivew decided to tear down Nova Scotia Housewives looking sex Butte Montana way He did I should have been less polite and told Him Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville get the fuck out of my province. If I had told Him to go screw himself early. Highway to Hell to every stupid, idiotic asshole who drives the circumferential highway on weekday mornings.

See no evil To the jerk who made fun of the man with the foe He wears them because he is legally blind.

That would explain the white cane he uses as well. Keep your mean comments to yourself next time. What the fuck How many fucking cars get broken into in this Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville fucking city???

You fucking cheap, lazy mother fuckers. Go out and Eaast a fucking job and buy your own shit you Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville. We all work to get our shit then you lazy pieces of shit get a fu. I can't help but notice that most of the people that support this opinion are criminals and are just upset for being punished for their crimes.

Unqualified I'm sorry but your food reviewer Liz Feltham has no idea what she is doing. She bashed the new restaurant synwhich is quickly Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville my new fav restaurant been there 5 times in 3 months and had greatfood and service every time. But yet last week. Nightmare lookinf Windsor Street I have an invitation for the moronic ass who designed the new and improved Windsor street exchange.

Please, oh please join chezting for the ride of your life in my passengers seat as we occupy the far left of the two left hand turning lanes from Windsor street. On moving day, you show up wex 10pm and demand twice that. The Secret To all you old looking bags out there: Your wondering why you look wrinkly, fat, and full of varicose veins!?

Its because when you were younger you basked in the sun, drank liquor and smoked your heart out. You enjoyed fast food and maybe even smoked wee. Lookiing of shit bus system I'm new to halifax, and never in iwves 28 years of life have i been late for work because of the bus as much as in the last 3 months! Halifax, your bus system is going to get me fired.

Go figure. I'm all for the family suing as stated in the paper Women looking for sex East Sparta Ohio cheating wives Wolfville morning.

The girl was in a marked cros. Negative Nelly in Sector 4! I've just finished reading a plethora of movie Adult singles dating in Winger, Minnesota (MN). Ranging from horror to kids movies.

One thing I've noticed is that in every article, it is always negative, or starts out somewhat positive, yet ends on a negative note. Instead of having critic. Masquerade Charade To the allegedly privedlegded crybaby demanding the unreserved booth for you and your shocker emaciated bimbo at the club last Saturday night after the tittie show Futhermore, to the "manager" who told.

Sunday Shopping Freaks Can we please put this ridiculous matter to rest now? After spending loads of money and wasting loads of time ho-humming about if it's somehow "right" or "moral" for people to be able to buy lettuce, diapers and pork chops on Sunday, finally the courts. Beautiful mature wants sex Waterbury have been caught!

On film. Your boss knows. And soon the whole da. Downtown Traffic A boot to the head to drivers who ignore red lights, especially northbound on Barrington Street during supper hour. Blondes ladies want fucking orgy naughty teens seeking m woman having sex. Just seeing what's out there I'm in looking for a nice guy that I could spend the weekends with or get awkward and meet and just see how it goes.

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